Pashmina Is A Delicate Woolen Shawl From Kashmir

From the soft yarn of Capra Hircus of Himalaya Pashmina is made. Because of quality yarn and skilled worker Kashmir is famous for woolen apparel like Pashmina.

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Texas – Using soft and warm Pashmina in winter is a tradition among Pakistani and Indian, It is a handmade rectangular fabric from yarn of rare goat of high Himalaya makes a great gift. It comes in different vivid colors and designs; some are plane while some have embroidery work with mirror and ZORI. Depending on uses, it comes in different sizes; Pashmina Shawls are wider longer than Pashmina scarf.
Pashmina Scarves have more fashionable way of uses though traditional shawls are also match well with any Salwar Kameez and Sari.
All phases of making Pashmina scarves are done by hand like shearing the goats, storing, spinning the hair, weaving, coloring, dyeing and sewing which make this art vary rear and worthwhile. The finesse and softness of a Pashmina Scarf has made it famous not only in Pakistan and India but throughout the world.
The scarcity of good yarn makes Original Pashmina Shawls very costly though economic silk and cotton blend fine pashmina Scarf and Shawl are also available in the market.
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