Ecosmob Technologies Announced Launch of CosmoFone, SIP Dialer App

Ecosmob Technologies announced the launch of their free mobile dialer application, called, CosmoFone.

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Ahmedabad , Gujarat – Ecosmob Technologies, a mobile application development company from India, operates from the Ahmadabad city of Gujarat, India. The company has served many clients with its custom mobile app development services by programming diversified applications. The company has also launched a few free mobile apps such as ContactPRO, CosmoShare. The addition to this family of free mobile apps developed by the company is CosmoFone.

The CosmoFone is a mobile app dialer which uses the SIP protocol for communication. Thus, it is also known as the SIP dialer or mobile SIP dialer. It offers a cheap communication platform. It uses the SIP protocol for initiating, conducting and tearing down the calls. Thus, calling can be done at cheapest possible rates. The CosmoFone offers many features, which provides the rich communication options.

“We generally imply that communication is a need of any business. As big the business is as massive the communication requirements are. To satisfy this communication needs of the enterprises and to offer the secure communication, we launch different mobile applications. While developing each app, we keep a specific audience in mind and develop the app to cater that targeted audience. The CosmoFone is specifically programmed by keeping the startups and small businesses in mind. The MNCs and established organizations prefer the white label mobile app development even for the app of a mobile dialer. However, the startups or small firms are either not ready to invest in the mobile app programming or they are not sure to take the risk of investing in it as they might be unsure about the benefits or ROI. The CosmoFone is developed to cater these audiences. They can use the SIP dialer app for free, explore its features and then can go for the white label mobile dialer application, if they need to.”, explained the spokesperson of the Ecosmob Technologies.

The CosmoFone is available for both android and apple users for free and listed in its respective app stores. It has all the features any company would require for the business communication, such as

- Voice calling
- Video calling
- Conferencing
- File sharing
- Image sharing
- Phone book
- Call statistic
- Chat
- Last number redial
- And more

Using the CosmoFone, one may carry out any kind of communication he/ she would like to have whether it is a normal meeting with the office staff or a product demo to the prospect. Everything can be done swimmingly.

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