Google, Now Alphabet, Providing Amazing Opportunities Online

A 68 year old Houston man, now has the opportunity to retire in the near future thanks to Google's (Alphabet) innovations.

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Houston, TX - December 1, 2015 – For Immediate Release

After adding new options to Google's (Alphabet) many services and products, they have been able to integrate absolutely everything necessary to give anyone the ability to make a living online. Alphabet’s contributions to the online world, has allowed a 68 year old man and his daughter-in-law, to start building blogs with Blogger, and connecting them to affiliate programs. With no start up funds, and only her past web design and SEO experience, they decided to move forward with what was surprisingly free to use, and unbelievably “teachable” with complete detailed answers to any question. Being doubtful that he was ever going to get to see his retirement, Don asked “Do you really think that we can make any money with this?”

After working as a mechanic for over 30 years, and supporting himself and his family, his health has started to take it’s toll. They all actually moved into the shop a couple of years ago, to help save money. His son has stepped up and taken over what work comes in, while Don supervises as he can. While working online, anything they don’t know, is explained in detail and has absolutely been created so anyone with the desire, can build an income online.

After coming across the new revamping of Google’s services, they decided to start building some affiliate blogs. Using “auto repair” and “auto parts” as the niche, and easily connecting to “everything Google”, they have two new blogs with affiliate stores. They know that the affiliate business takes some time, but they are starting the third blog tomorrow. Without Google’s integration with all of their services and products, and giving detailed answers to any question, a 68 year old man would have never learned the skills that he has today.

They are working on a business model that should be of interest to investors, so they may eventually present the idea on a Crowd Funding platform. Their first two blogs, are definitely not bad for newbies, as Google has provided everything needed. The family is thrilled with Google for giving people the tools to build a possible income, with no start up costs, and they hope that others take advantage of the opportunities that Google, Alphabet, has allowed everyone to utilize.

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