Heal-A-Seal.com announces two types of Engine Oil Leak Sealers

Heal-A-Seal.com has recently introduced 2 new products directed at the Do-It-Yourself automotive market.

Online PR News – 02-December-2015 – Los Angeles, California – The Heal-A-Seal.com team is excited to announce the release of two new Engine Oil Leak Sealers for all automotive engines, gasoline or Diesel.

The first Sealer is for fixing the annoyance of all EXTERNAL Engine Oil Leaks, and the second one is for the INTERNAL Engine Oil Leaks ... where the problem is more serious and even more visible: It is the true nuisance of a Blue and
Burning Oil Smelling Smoke - coming out from the muffler or exhaust pipe.

Heal-A-Seal also revealed that its Sealers accomplish the complete sealing of the EXTERNAL Engine Oil Leaks by chemically altering the worn-out and hardened Oil Seals and Gaskets, causing them to SWELL-UP and become softer and more pliable, and thus Stopping and Preventing the Oil from passing through and leaking out... although the sealing process of the INTERNAL Engine Oil Leaks is quite a bit different.
That task Heal-A-Seal achieves with a specially formulated Sealer which mixes with any type of Engine Oil, and significantly modifies its molecular structure - so that the Engine Oil becomes thicker, and of a heavier 'body'.
This results in the 'filling' and Sealing-up of the spaces between the Valve Stems and the worn-out Seals in the Engine Head, as well as in the Sealing-up of the spaces between the worn-out Piston Rings and leaking Cylinder Walls.

Both Products are a recent addition to the original Heal-A-Seal Blown Head Gasket and Cooling System Leak Repair Kits and they are all based on the same product philosophy of providing a low cost and easy to use Do-It-Yourself solution - for the fixing of some of the most expensive Engine Problems.

So, instead of spending literally thousands of Dollars for major repairs, such as replacing the Blown Head Gaskets; or replacing the Leaky Main Bearing Oil Seals; or even Rebuilding of the entire Engine, the vehicle owners can now benefit from the Heal-A-Seal low cost products which will eliminate all of these high priced Engine repairs.

All Engine Sealer products are available for online ordering exclusively from the Heal-A-Seal.com website, however the detailed information about the new Engine Oil Leak Sealers is on the following URLs:
External leak: http://www.Heal-A-Seal.com/ENGINE-OIL-LEAK-SEALER.html
Internal leak: http://www.Heal-A-Seal.com/HEAL-A-SEAL-ENGINE-OIL-STOP-BURN.html

Additionally, Heal-A-Seal.com offers the 24/7 Customer and Technical Support via a Toll-Free hotline: 888/256-0403.
Or, via Email: support@Heal-A-Seal.com