New Interactive App Inspires Users To Learn A New Hobby

New app launched in the market which will inspire user to learn a new hobby

Online PR News – 02-December-2015 – Kolkata – A research paper which studied leisure and recreation on urban and rural youths states, learning something new is imperative to adolescent development. It is beneficial to young people because of the opportunities for socialization and peer interaction that leisure activities offer and because of the psychological and physical health benefits it brings.

A website offering new and creative ways to culture a hobby has announced their latest offering in the form of an interactive android app. The app features informative sections where you can view each hobby and mentors associated with it.

The app enables the user to close upon the suitable mentor based on their understanding and requirement.

The ‘chat online’ feature in the app adds a feather to the cap, users can directly chat with their mentors to understand the nuances of the hobby they are interested in, thereby bringing on the table a clear understanding of the journey the hobby seeker is about to embark upon.

The app also features a panel which lists details of accomplished schools/institutes offering lessons. On clicking a particular institute, along with the details there are quick contact buttons located which enables the user to directly mail or call up the institute. The page features a useful location button as well.

Hobby Seekho app is available on Google Play Store, with the app you can compare and rate the best mentors/institute to empower future users to make informed decisions.

With the world spinning inside our phones, nothing seems impossible, after all when there is a will there must be a way.