Forklift Regulations OSHA

Osha rules and regulations make the work environment safer. Forklift training is a good certification to have, more businesses require this now.

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If you are a company owner and/or manager and you need forklifts in order to run your business, you should know that each forklift operator will need specialized training. When you choose Safety First Oregon, we’ll provide the highest standard of professional forklift operator training to your employees, for a very fair price.

Our training programs are designed to ensure the safety of your team members, property and inventory and our caring, experienced instructors will make it so easy for your employees to learn everything that they need to know.

Once your staff members are properly trained, you’ll find that your business runs more smoothly. As well, you’ll know that you are following all OSHA rules and regulations…
To help you learn more about forklift regulations OSHA, we’ve created a practical quick guide…

What Are Forklift Regulations OSHA?

OSHA is an acronym which stands for Occupational Health & Safety Administration. It’s a USA governing body which is committed to improving or maintaining safety in the workplace.
This organization is part of America’s Department of Labor and it sets and enforces standards by offering a series of sensible services, from training to outreach and beyond. This governing body’s team has created forklift regulations which are designed to make workplaces safer.
According to current OSHA standards, employers must make certain that every powered industrial truck operator knows how to operate this form of vehicle. The skill of each forklift operator will be determined via training and tests. Before any employee may operate this type of vehicle, he or she must successfully finish training and pass an evaluation. Refresher training may also be required periodically.

The key to following OSHA’s rules to the letter is selecting a training company with a strong and positive reputation. Our firm has the experience that is needed in order to train employees expertly and in order to boost their chances of passing forklift operator evaluations.
Getting started with our training program will be as easy as reaching out today, so be sure and connect with us now. We are standing by in order to help you schedule a class for your workers.
About Safety First Oregon

Our company was founded in 1995, by Gary Gilman. His experience in the aerospace and aviation industries mean that he understands the value of proper training and certifications. He is a Master Certified Instructor via Ives and he’s trained thousands of operators to safely utilize an array of lift-style trucks.

If you need training solutions which are customized for your specific needs, our company leader and team will definitely deliver. So, why not contact Safety First Oregon today?