My Toilet Spares Wants To Aware Its Customers by Guiding On Different Toilet Flush Related Issues

My Toilet Spares want to guide and aware its customer regarding different toilet flush related problems including weak or incomplete flush in toilet.

Online PR News – 01-December-2015 – Hull – 01st Dec, 2015 –England - My Toilet Spares, one of the most dependable and leading stockiest of toilet seats and bath spare parts in England, offering a variety of toilet seats and related accessories to meet the demand of modern home owners. Their toilet Seats and supplies are equipped with great functionality that would help maintain comfort, hygiene and convenience in your bathroom. They also have the most productive push button toilet flush shop in England offering great comfort and convenience to the users and a one stop shop for all toilet products.

“We have seen more and more people facing several issues with their toilet, especially “a weak or incomplete flush”. So, as a responsible toilet seat retailer we have decided to aware our customers by giving them some useful advice on how to resolve several flush related issues” says the director general of My Toilet Spares.

“A deficient or very fragile flush can be occurred by, low water level in the tank, the flapper shutting down too quickly, a block in the corner, vent pipe or sewer pipe. Accumulation of calcium & other raw materials in the rim feed openings can also cause an improper or weak flush” says the chief technical executive of My Toilet Spares.

Low water in the tank – check out the water level and fine tune your float higher to improve water level.

Flapper shuts down too quickly – check out the length of the chain. Chain slack for most of the toilets must have ¼ t - ½ inch of slack, regulate if required.

To identify if you’ve a block in the trap way, vent pipe or sewer pipe:

Fill a container with 1 or more gallons of water and hurriedly discharge into the basin. If the basin flushes usually then there’s no obstruction down the trap, vent pipe or sewer pipe that’s having an effect on regular flushing. If it whirls but doesn’t flush or has a fragile flush, then the block is inside the trap, vent pipe or drain pipe. Try a nozzle to wash the toilet first. If this’s ineffective, then employ a toilet auger.

Clean the basin to enhance flush:

• Employ a screwdriver to ream out the starter hole and rim holes of the basin of calcium and mineral build up.

• Deactivate water supply

• Deplete the tank and fasten flapper open

• Pour down 1 cup of Lime-Away Toilet Bowl Cleaner into the flush valve hole. Let it settle for at least 1 hour.

• After one hour, discharge another cup of 1/2 Lime-Away and 1/2 water into the valve hole. Shut down the flapper instantly and activate water supply. Flush your toilet, two or three times to wash and check.

“These tips are very effective and you should give them a try if you had weak or incomplete flush” he said.

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