Homes For Heroes Program|The Fejeran Group has Just Been Accepted into the Homes For Heroes Program

The Fejeran Group is proud to announce that they are one of the most recent additions to the amazing, Homes for Heroes program.

Online PR News – 01-December-2015 – McKinney, TX – The Fejeran Group has Just Been Accepted into the Homes For Heroes Program

Homes For Heroes Program

The Fejeran Group is proud to announce that they are one of the most recent additions to the amazing, Homes for Heroes program. This well-acclaimed project, which is also known as the “Nation’s Largest Hero Savings Program", was started by Ruth Johnson with the aid of her children and her sister. The intention of Homes for Heroes is to help our dear champions get closer to their dream homes. According to Ruth Johnson, she considers this as a pivotal moment of her career. She sold her real estate business to fund a program that she entirely believes in and she definitely has no regrets. Ruth also considers that it is ultimately a beautiful thing since it allows her to utilize her past experiences and her knowledge to help others. But what exactly is Homes for Heroes?

Homes for Heroes was essentially created to allow members in the real estate business to have an opportunity to give back to those who sacrificed a lot for public service. The heroes include veterans, military personnel, medical workers, police officers, teachers and others. Every real estate agent or company who are willing to take part in Homes for Heroes has to undergo a strict interview, rigid training, and coaching that will really scrutinize if they are deserving enough to be included. If they pass, then they would be assigned to handle a certain area. For every hero deal that they successfully close, the affiliate donates 25% of their commission, which would be credited to the hero at closing.

With the tagline, “Thanking Heroes, One Home at a Time”, the program would like to realize a hero’s dream of owning a home more affordable by providing rebates, savings, discounts, and rewards to heroes when they are buying a home. The good thing about it is that, not only can the hero get the aid in buying a home but in selling and refinancing their home as well. Furthermore, the help that heroes can avail also extends all throughout the real estate process. With all of this, the average that a hero can save through the program may be up to $2,000 dollars or more.

“Would the program also build homes for wounded soldiers?”, some might ask. Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, a separate Homes for Heroes Foundation can offer help in some ways, including but not limited to, rent payment assistance, contracting local providers to fix their homes or even donating funds.

At present, there are already around 7,800 heroes served and a continuously growing 11 million dollars of hero savings. Because of this, Homes for Heroes is currently a nationally recognized trademark brand. Also, due to the rapid growth, the program now have to employ 25 full-time employees to guide and assist the over 1800 real estate affiliates and of course to entertain any concerns and inquiries made by our heroes. In addition to the effective and efficient service, they also maximized the potential of the modern technology. Employees operate live chat in order to address real time issues and give out solutions. Aside from this, social media is also a wonderful tool for the program to reach out to the heroes and spread the word. National, regional and local advertising campaigns are also being done through the help of television, radio, email, direct mail, print, and various events, all of these with the purpose of raising our heroes’ awareness of the program.

The Fejeran Group sees their inclusion in the project not only as a very rewarding responsibility but an advantage in this fiercely competitive market as well. Being a part of a significant program like this is definitely seen as an honor by Sheila Fejeran of The Fejeran Group.

Sheila Fejeran comes from a family that serves. Her grandfather was injured by a grenade in WWII in Germany. Sheila grew up understanding the sacrifice and dedication it takes to serve the country. As well, Sheila has a passion for the Homes for Heroes program since she lived in NY City and lost friends during the 9-11 attacks.

Sheila has been serving in the Real Estate industry for 13 years, is a Broker and is Vice President of a brokerage in Plano. Sheila has helped many Heroes over the last 13 years. "Autographed With Excellence" is her motto and goal in working with every client. Being involved in Homes for Heroes allows Sheila the opportunity to give back to Veterans, Firefighters, Police Officers, Doctors, Nurses, and Teachers.

Aside from being entitled to attend National Hero gatherings, events and conventions, Homes for Heroes also conduct regular affiliate success camps that will give out techniques on how to generate a great income. That’s not all, The Fejeran Group will also receive monthly newsletters, recognition, and tips plus monthly webinars and coaching with successful Homes for Heroes fellow affiliates and nationally recognized speakers and will offer all of this information and training to the Heroes in her local area.

The success of The Fejeran Group is already established as their experience and expertise immensely contribute in boosting their annual sales. However, to Sheila, this is only the beginning. With their new partnership with the Homes for Heroes, their success is most likely about to double. Not only is The Fejeran Group excited about joining the program but they are also truly grateful for the opportunity. Still, there is no denying that this is quite a challenge as it entails a great responsibility. Now, The Fejeran Group understands that they will have to work harder than ever before to be able to efficiently serve their hero clients. As Sheila believes in banking her success on her client relationships, she has been encouraging her team to do the same. This is probably one of the reasons why she snatched the “Top Agent Award” for 2015 from the recent ReCharge Convention. Now, this program will let the rest of The Fejeran Group exhibit their versatility when it comes to client interaction.

The Fejeran Group will now be handling the McKinney, Texas area. Along with the guidance of Sheila, a lot of heroes will now be entitled to great savings from the Homes for Heroes program.

It's time for us to give back to our heroes. As a token of her appreciation, she offers a 25% discount on her commission to Sellers and Buyers she represents. Sheila wants to say "Thank You" to each one of you, for all you do. It will truly be an honor to serve you and help you with your plans for homeownership. Call The Fejeran Group at 972-948-0715 to get assistance on the Homes For Heroes Program.