Baltimore-based Moving Expert Explains the Importance of Cleaning Your Old Place

Washington Metro-based moving company, UMS, says that, when you move, it is important to clean your old place.

Online PR News – 30-November-2015 – Hyattsville, Maryland – “When you have to clean a rental space as you are moving out, your heart may not be into it and you probably won’t have the energy to spare,” says Gary Stone, president of Unified Moving Services (,aryland-based full-service moving company that specializes in both residential and commercial moves in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. “Let’s be real, you’re no longer going to have to live there, so why should you care about the vacated house or apartment being sparkling clean?”

According to Stone, you should care, and he says that there is a very good reason.

“For renters, if you want to ensure the prompt return of your security deposit, it’s in your best interest to tidy up after your last box has left the building,” he says. “For sellers, it’s common courtesy to not leave a mess for your buyers.”

In either case, Stone says that making sure the old place is clean can be as easy as hiring a cleaning service to come in and take care of the job. Unfortunately, anyone involved in a move is usually strapped for cash and cannot afford to pay someone to do the dusting, scrubbing and mopping for them.

According to Stone, this is what you need to do upon moving out.
1. Empty the refrigerator and defrost the freezer

Stone says that it is important to wipe down the shelves and don’t leave anything behind.

“If you’re feeling generous,” he says, “the only trace you should leave behind is a bottle of chilled white wine.”

2. Scrub all kitchen countertops, appliances, kitchen cabinets (inside and out), and sinks

Leaving food residue is a no-no, according to Stone. He suggests grabbing some cleaning supplies and making the former kitchen a grease-free zone.

3. Clean the oven and stove.

“If you have a self-cleaning oven, there’s no excuse,” Stone says. “If not, buy some oven cleaner and get to scrubbing.”

He says that it is important to clean around the stove’s burners as well.

4. Scrub the bathroom.

Your toilet, sink and shower must be scrubbed down and any residue removed, Stone says.

5. Don’t forget about the floor.

“If your former home has carpet, you should vacuum or steam clean,” Stone says. “If it’s wood or tile that you’re leaving behind, you must mop.”

6. Bust the dust.

Light fixtures, blinds or other flat surfaces should be thoroughly dusted, Stone says.

7. Wash the Windows.

“Clean the inside and outside of windows wherever possible,” he says.

Stone says it is important to leave your former home clean when you move out, it is not only the right thing to do, and it can help to ensure that you get your security deposit back as well.

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