Activation Products Announces Largest Ever Black Friday Sale for 2015 Holiday Season

Activation Products will offer deeply discounted prices for all major products as part of the 2015 BlackFriday Sale.

Online PR News – 28-November-2015 – Chicago, IL – Ian Clark, founder of Activation Products, recently announced the company’s largest ever Black Friday sale that will begin at 12:00 a.m. EST on Friday, November 27th. During this Black Friday sale, customers will have access to 45% - 60% off all major products on the Activation Products site-wide.

“This year we decided to give our customers the best of both worlds by opening our sale Thursday evening to give them the chance to getting some of their online shopping at of the way before they hit the streets for all of the physical store sales,” said Ian Clark.

Activation Products is known worldwide for producing and distributing powerful products for overall optimal health and wellbeing. All of the products and supplements sold by Activation Products are organic, non GMO, raw, and vegan, offering consumers some of the highest quality health products available on the market. Some of the most well-known products created by Activation Products are Oceans Alive Phytoplankton, Ease Magnesium, and Panaseeda oils and oil blends.

This expansive Black Friday Sale is giving existing and new customers of Activation Products the chance to purchase these popular and effective products as gifts or for themselves at a fraction of the cost of what they are typically sold for throughout the majority of the year.

Ian Clark founded Activation Products after a personal struggle with his health and wellbeing that left him searching for alternative methods to help his body heal itself with the right nutrients. The initial product he found success with developing involved marine phytoplankton, and since then, he has been committed to finding the best and purest health products for his customers across the globe.

Oceans Alive Phytoplankton is proven to be the purest form of phytoplankton available on the market. Learn how to save up to 60% off on Oceans Alive Phytoplankton here.

Phytoplankton is an essential element of human, plant, and animal life on earth as it plays a role in creating oxygen for the environment. Ian Clark’s propriety process for harvesting, producing, and storing marine phytoplankton gives consumers a pure, potent form of energy that also includes protein, amino acids, and trace minerals that are essential for optimal health.

Ease Magnesium gives consumers access to pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate that absorbs into the skin and blood stream. It is effective with helping ease the pain of injuries, sore muscles, and is also proven to calm nerves, help people sleep better, and support brain health.

The Panaseeda oils developed by Activation Products are the only oils in the world produced with a propriety German extraction process and protocol that extracts oils in the purest state. When most other brands use steam distilling or critical extraction to get essential oil from seeds that results in comprised nutrients, Panaseeda oils offer consumers undamaged and unadulterated nutrients that benefit the system the way they are supposed to.

For more information about the Activation Products Black Friday sale be sure to visit their official site here.

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