Global Ride Productions Releases Final Box Set of Hawaii DVDs

Global Ride Productions, pioneers in group virtual cycling, today announced the release of its 7th box set of cycling training DVDs

Online PR News – 29-November-2015 – Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh, PA, November 26, 2015 -- Global Ride Productions, pioneers in group virtual cycling, today announced the release of its 7th box set of cycling training DVDs, and it’s 3rd set from Hawaii. That makes 9 DVDs of road cycling in Hawaii alone, with this final series containing over 5 hours of coaching and training for indoor cycling.

Completing the box set in Maui was fitting for the company whose roots and initial video was shot there in 2009, just after their first Spinning® studio was opened in Pennsylvania. From Standard Definition 2 camera shoot to High Definition 6 camera shoots, and from 50 minute videos to as much as 140 minute videos, these cycling videos have come a long way.

Specifically, these videos help cyclists train indoors when the weather is not conducive to outdoor cycling, or for group cycling classes in health clubs and cycling studios that are equipped with a projector and a screen within their cycling room. While these videos do not control the rider’s bikes or tension as in many computer systems, they do provide a motivating visual that directly connects with anyone who has ever ridden outside. In fact, many of the “indoor only” riders also rave about the fun of riding in Hawaii while there is snow outside or just otherwise too nasty to brave the elements.

Even though these are videos only, Global Ride has continued to push the technology envelope by putting mics on riders, showing the watts required when climbing on some of the DVDs, and always having the option of hearing a coach’s voice – directing you on what to do while riding to these images indoors, and encouraging you to lose yourself in your imagination as you turn those pedals.

The final DVD that completed the box set is called simply: Climbing Haleakala. If you do not know what Haleakala is, that might be OK, as the intimidation factor might be a little intimidating; even if it is just the indoor version. With over 300 feet per mile of climbing, and only 2.5 minutes of flat for the entire 2hrs and 15 minutes of video, this is the longest and toughest DVD yet.

“I knew that our 9th DVD from Hawaii was marking the end of a great run in Paradise…at least for the next 4 or 5 years. That’s why I wanted to end this series on an Epic ride. To climb Mount Haleakala, the dormant volcano, with all the many groups and companies that ride DOWN the hill, seemed like just the challenge that would finish it on a high, challenging note. Said Gene Nacey, director and producer of Global Ride’s DVDs

The company has not yet announced the first public airing or premiere of this DVD, but it is already being offered on their website and through Amazon for $29.95 for the single DVD and $74.95 for the box set with digital downloads also being made available through their subsidiary SufferLess Videos.

About Global Ride Productions:
Global Ride Productions is the market leader in the virtual cycling experience. The training DVDs are produced and used in both the home and group indoor cycling or Spinning® environments. Film editing and other post production work is conducted at the Cycling Fusion Film studio based in Pittsburgh, PA, where riders are trained for improved performance and indoor cycling instructors are trained and certified to lead very cycling specific Indoor Cycling classes.

Global Ride Productions, One Alpha Drive East, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, Contact: joey at cyclingfusion dot com

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