The Farber Consulting Group Utilizes the Alpha Anywhere Software Development Package

The Farber Consulting group has grown from a remote database management company into a full-blown software development company

Online PR News – 27-November-2015 – Marlboro NJ – The Farber Consulting group has grown from a remote database management company into a full-blown software development company as they have proven with their biggest achievement – An Avis Contract Manager that serves more than 30 franchise locations in the Northeast.

Alpha Anywhere is the software development package that the Farber Consulting Group has mastered in order to create the highest quality web and mobile applications. This software development package provides everything that is needed to develop working prototypes and finished products. Whether for a small business or a major corporate empire, this platform allows the creation of top-quality software.

A Case Study: The Avis Contract Manager

Doron Farber, owner of the Farber Consulting Group, said it best: “Alpha Anywhere made it possible for me to quickly build a complex rental contract manager for Avis franchises… using standard PCs and touchscreen monitors.”
Why did Avis, a car rental company with 5,450 locations across the globe, choose the Farber Consulting Group for this project? Simply put, the database consultants were already providing high-quality remote DBA services. When the Farber Consulting Group took on software development, it just made sense to stick with the experts they trusted.

What the owner of 30 franchises needed was a new car rental contract manager - one that would be able to:
• Accept signatures
• Track car rental and return locations
• Sync to the central mainframe
• Manage the entire fleet

One of the biggest problems with the existing system was that it was difficult to update, so when Avis HQ changed their standard contract, the franchises were stuck either looking for someone who coded C++ or upgrading their system. They trusted the Farber Consulting Group to develop the best car rental software.

The New Avis Car Rental Contract Manager

The Farber Consulting Group used Alpha Anywhere to develop a custom Car Rental Application. Because of their database expertise, they used MS SQL as the back-end. The result was a lightning fast web an application that met all of the client’s requirements and came in on-budget. Thanks to the flexibility of Alpha Anywhere, the Farber Consulting Group Inc. was able to give the Avis franchise owner the option to add a mobile app. Consider a few of the contract manager’s features:
• Digital signatures can be accepted
• Keeps track of locations where cars are rented from and returned
• Handles damage reports
• Keeps track of cars that are moved between locations by staff

More on the Alpha Anywhere Software Development Package

Alpha Anywhere is a software development package that provides options for reporting, security, mapping, video and images, scheduling, mobile applications, and more. The Farber Consulting Group uses a combination of Alpha Anywhere and MS SQL to combine powerful software development with streamlined database development. The result is the ability to offer a fast and inexpensive software solution to business owners. The Avis car rental contract manager is a fantastic display of what the Farber Consulting Group can do using Alpha Anywhere.

About The Farber Consulting Group Inc.

The Farber Consulting Group Inc. they are in business since 1992 and offers software development and remote database administration services in the New Jersey and New York areas, and handles the USA continet and Overseas.

Here are some of the additional services:
• Mobile Application development
• CRM systems
• Legacy application migration from Visual FoxPro to smart client application or web based solution
• Integration between mobile application and web based application
• Database design and Reverse Database Engineering
• Convert MS Access to Web based solution
SQL Consulting Services
• Remote DBA Service
• Ms Access Development NJ solutions

Their offices are located on Long Island in NY and in Marlboro, NJ.

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