Newbridge Venture Partners appoints Joe Chappel as Global Head of Domestic Markets

Newbridge Venture Partners today announced that Joe Chappel has been appointed as Global Head of Domestic Markets effective 30 November 2015.

Online PR News – 27-November-2015 – HONG KONG – Joe Chappel will operate out of Newbridge Venture Partners’ global headquarters in Hong Kong.

He will now take on responsibility for Domestic Markets, serving individuals and professionals, entrepreneurial and corporate clients.

Joe Chappel joins Newbridge Venture Partners from HSBC where he was a Senior Market Analyst for Asian Markets. Mr. Chappel will be based in Hong Kong but will frequently travel to Shenzhen and Taipei.

Newbridge Venture Partners have offices in Shenzhen and Taipei and Mr. Chappel will oversee all domestic aspects.

Newbridge Venture Partners’ Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lee Jacobson commented on Mr. Chappel’s appointment saying “I have every confidence in Joe’s ability to steer the growth of our activities in our domestic markets. He will bring to the task the vast experience he has acquired during his years of experience to individual and corporate clients.”

“The successful transformation, not least in the introduction of digital tools, will stand him in good stead in driving forward the changes in our firms’ networks and adapting them to the changing habits and requirements of our clients”, added Mr. Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer of Newbridge Venture Partners’.

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