Introduced by Bill Wilson at AdMediary
11/27/2015 has entered an industry that everyone is looking to be a part of.

Online PR News – 27-November-2015 – California , Beverly Hills – AdMediary and Founder Bill Wilson announce that is quickly becoming one of the largest solar origination, lead generation portals on the Internet today. SolarJoy is helping thousands of consumers go green and is taking the solar market by storm with the production of over 30,000 Home Solar origination inquiries per month. Bill Wilson is excited about SolarJoy's ability in matching consumers with the best solar installers in the industry today. There is a high demand from solar installers for new customers, and there is just as high of a demand from consumers in finding the right installer that will save them the most money. Admediary is connecting the two and creating thousands of satisfied homeowners who have cut their energy bills in half every month. has entered an industry that everyone is looking to be a part of. Both traditional installers and institutional finance companies are quickly entering the solar marketplace because of its lucrative nature. Everyone is benefitting from going solar, from the institutional lenders, to the installers down to the consumer. The lenders are being motivated by the government to invest in solar because of the governments push for a "clean energy economy". The installers are being given the finance they need and can cover the costs of installation, service, and are able to charge the consumer less than half of what they were paying on their electric bill before. Everyone wins! is known for performance based marketing and email marketing for many verticals such as; Health, Auto, Home and Finance. With the launch of, Solar has become their most successful vertical today. Admediary takes pride in the effectiveness of their matching service & many Solar Companies are taking notice. Admediary is building long lasting relationship with Solar Installers & Finance companies by providing them with the most qualified homeowner leads in the market. Consumers concerned with the price of their electric bill, and who are environmentally conscious are the type of leads Admediary is generating through their innovative marketing efforts from their online portal at

Admediary is esteemed by the fact that their most successful venture is actually helping the planet as well. Admediary, the planet, Solar installers, and lenders are all benefitting and will continue to so do from the branding efforts of SolarJoy.