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Education is a primary aspect for each and every person to survive on this planet. So why study in India? Because India’s educational history dates back to some 2000 years. India’s educational quality is most known from the ancient institutes like nalanda and taxila which offered high class education back in the times.

Online PR News – 02-April-2009 – – This history and ancient culture translates today in world class Indian education which meets high standards and outclasses big western educational institutes. Together with the fast increasing economic growth and demand for high skilled professionals a rapid increasing amount of universities and colleges appeared the last years. Indiauniversity.me was fascinated by this phenomen and decided to serve the student community by providing detailed-, background information and enabling student generated ratings & reviews to create an independent education platform.

Lucknow, March 2009 - “ With its higher economic growth India has become a unique place where you can get a world quality education in an affordable price India’s higher education system is ranked as the third in the world after china and USA. The government of India has made the university grants commission to monitor the universities across India. During 2009 India has 20 central universities, 215 state universities, 100 deemed universities, and around 16000 other colleges, says Dr. Amar Patil of indiauniversity.me

He added that, “Among that Indian institute of technology has been ranked in top 10 technical institutions around the world. Also Indian school of business is ranked in top 15 business schools around the globe.""Not only in the technical and management field Indian universities are widely recognized but also Indian medical institutes are giving world class education which meets up all high standards.""India’s IIT graduates are one of most wanted candidates for the big enterprises with an estimated 30000 graduates employed in the United States as of 2006”.

Speaking on the move, Dr. Amar Patil said, “In this corporate world if anybody wants to go for upper positions in their company means they should need a MBA degree. Since each company needs this MBA people to handle their business every student who has completed their graduation is looking for an MBA nowadays.""Either they are learning it in a regular basis or in distance education. Lots of Indian universities are offering the distance learning programs. Some of the important universities are IGNOU, symbiosis etc.""The Indians are spending less for their education when compared to every other countries in the world. And coming to technical field around .around 6 to 7 lakes students are coming out every year after completing their engineering degrees. Also Indian professors and teachers are recognized as the best one in the educational field through out the world”.

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