Redondo Beach's Riviera PlaySchool to Partner with UCLA Extension's Education Department

Redondo Beach’s Riviera Playschool has been chosen as the very first-ever practicum site for UCLA Extension Education Department’s Early Childhood Education Certificate Program

Online PR News – 28-September-2010 – – (Redondo Beach, CA) -- Redondo Beach’s Riviera Playschool has been chosen as the very first-ever practicum site for UCLA Extension Education Department’s Early Childhood Education Certificate Program, today it was announced by Linda Shannon, Founder and Director of Riviera Playschool and Carlos Cortez PhD, Director, UCLA Extension (Education Department).

Beginning this Fall, the UCLA Extension Education Department will partner with Riviera Playschool, a mindful preschool and kindergarten, for a supervised field experience course. Supervised fieldwork in Early Childhood Education provides students with practical application of the coursework covered in the Basic Core Early Childhood Education Certificate Program. In this course, students assemble a portfolio under the guidance of their placement site supervisor and university-affiliated site supervisor. This course involves student case studies, self-evaluation, and regular observations by the school site and university-affiliated supervisors as the student assemble artifacts to evidence progress towards the course objectives.

Riviera PlaySchool will also continue its partnership with El Camino College Childhood Education Department. Both programs are designed to bring student teachers to Riviera PlaySchool to fulfill their field experience requirement toward their certificate n early childhood education. Riviera PlaySchool was chosen as a practicum site primarily because of their success in putting into practice the principles that are being taught on the forefront of early childhood education. Their specially trained facilitators are guided by the following principals:
 Promote positive conflict-resolution with compassionate and gentle guidance
 Facilitate hands-on activities that encourage your child’s imagination, creativity and independence
 Encourage self-sufficiency through self-discovery
 Nurture self-confidence and self-reliance in a fully ‘kid-centric’ environment
 Encourage lifelong relationships with nature
 Inspire a joyful and compassionate community
 Facilitate small groups with low student ratios balanced with community diversity

" We are excited to have the opportunity to nurture and guide emerging early childhood professionals. We are passionate about our respectful format at Riviera PlaySchool, and value the opportunity to show new teachers how to put these principles into practice. We are hoping to help improve early childhood programs in the greater Los Angeles area, one teacher at a time." remarked Linda Shannon, Founder and Director of Riviera PlaySchool.

All Riviera Playschool teachers are trained in Non-Violent Communication principles. Not only are they educated in art, languages, education, linguistics, mathematics, nature, physical fitness, literature, art, science, child development and brain development, they are passionate about their students and the school’s unique approach to each child’s individual development, which creates a joyful and compassionate environment in which the children can feel secure and thrive.

For over 80 years, the Education Department at UCLA Extension has provided staff development, in-service, and professional outreach to practitioners at all levels of education—from preschool through elementary, secondary, adult, and higher education. The Department also offers university professional development.

The programs in childhood education at El Camino prepare students for careers in private or public programs serving infants, toddlers, preschoolers, children with special needs, or children in before and after school care. The transfer degree option prepares students to continue studies at a four-year institution.

About Riviera PlaySchool: Riviera PlaySchool, offers a humanistic, constructivist, and mindful preschool program for the "whole child," inspired by the best of Attachment Parenting, Bev Bos, Montessori, Waldorf, and Non-Violent Communication (NVC).

Drawing on principles from leaders in child advocacy such as Bev Bos, Ruth Beaglehole, Alfie Kohn, Daniel Siegel, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Naomi Aldort, and Marshall Rosenberg, our PlaySchool facilitators are compassionate and loving, inspiring a cooperative and joyful environment. We feature small groups with low 1:6 ratios and we specialize in emotional and social coaching, transition from home, and toilet coaching. Leaders of mindfulness and peace, Thick Nhat Hanh and Mahatma Ghandi, and Jiddu Krishnamurti, who encourages us to ‘question everything,’ also inspire our school significantly.

Riviera PlaySchool is a place where social, emotional, intellectual, and creative growth thrives. Our wonderful preschool is convenient to Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach and the Greater South Bay Communities.
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