Mitsui Credit Global Confirms Prices For Trading Signals Service

Mitsui Credit Global has announced prices for its soon-to-be-launched trading signals service.

Online PR News – 27-November-2015 – Osaka, Japan – Japan-headquartered investment boutique, Mitsui Credit Global has announced the subscription charges it will make for accessing the first of its eagerly-awaited trading signals services which are set to be launched in the first quarter of 2016.

The new services are intended to appeal to novice and experienced individuals who wish to profit from short-term movements in the foreign currency and equity markets by taking advantage of carefully researched, professional technical analysis by the firm’s proprietary trading teams.

There are two levels of service with differing degrees of detail but both rely on exactly the same analysis and research. The first is called “Set & Forget”; it will be priced at US$299 per month and will include the name of the security or currency pairing, the entry level, the exit level, the stop loss level and the technical analysis justification for the trade.

Users simply enter the information into their trading platforms and allow the trades to unfold. Trade durations can range from one day to a week and the service provides daily updates which include instructions on when to move stop losses, if/when to take profits or if/when to cut any losses.

Mitsui Credit Global’s marketing manager, Chloe Tanaka said the company will provide pricing information on the second level of service in the next week once systems integration testing is complete.

“The in-house software trading platform Mitsui Credit Global will offer clients subscribing to higher level of the service must provide a reliable, mission-critical interface with our proprietary traders that remains up at all times. Third level stress testing will be completed within the next few days,” she said.

About Mitsui Credit Global:
Providing value to their customers is their single core value. They make strategic investments they know they can build with their deep industry knowledge, with the goal of later selling at profit. Using their industry leading One Mitsui Credit Global network platform, combined with their Operational Excellence team and strong analytical and data driven knowledge, they create and manage custom plans for each of their private equity and real estate investments. Our strong successes enable our investors to reach their goals, such as pension funds enabling the secure retirements of millions of
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