National Association of UK Bloggers Launched

A new association has been launched this month (November 2015) dedicated to members of the UK blogging community.

Online PR News – 27-November-2015 – London – A new association has been launched this month (November 2015) dedicated to members of the UK blogging community, the association was the idea of prominent Business and Finance blogger Richard Fenton, Fenton who is sitting as the associations interim President decided to launch after searching online for an association dedicated to UK bloggers while researching information for an article.

The association aims to deliver:

• NAUB aims to be the mark of quality original work for UK Bloggers
• To assist its members with issues relating to the delivery of quality and original publishing online via blogging.
• To set the bar for best practice for members who engage in commercial partnerships with third parties.
• To have all members commit to the NAUB code of conduct for publishing original and or attributed work within their blogs and online publications.
• To ensure that’s its members are protected from plagiarism and or failed to attributed works.
• To provide information relating to the latest developments from the world of blogging and online publishing.
• Where possible provide discounted rates for products and or services offered to its members.
• To alert all members about any issues which may affect their or their services providers ability to publish, such as security issues relating to third parties or global news events which may affect our community directly.

Richard told us “I was very surprised to find that our community of bloggers lacked any form of association or focal point from which ideas could be shared and advice sought, given the size and importance of the UK blogging community I decided to launch NAUB and open up membership to anyone who has a blog or site dedicated to servicing a UK audience, and the response has been tremendous to say the least, with over 1000 members in the first week alone”.
Richard went on to say “we are now looking to set up a board of directors to assist with the running of the association, as we are currently offering free membership until 2016, the positions will be on a volunteer basis only, and in future years from 2017 filled by election only.

We want to encourage as many bloggers as we can to join and share ideas around best practice and to promote quality content in the world of online publishing, we welcome anyone at any level of expertise to join the association”
The association is also looking for partners, who think they may have something to offer its members as it works to build a framework of membership benefits during the first part of 2016, Fenton added 2we are very keen to establish partnerships with any organisations who think our members could benefit from their products or services, we are essentially looking to use our collective buying power to accommodate good deals for members.