'Beyond Survival' Video Tackles Ebola Stigma

Newest Chocolate Moose Media video brings Ebola survivors back into mainstream society.

Online PR News – 25-November-2015 – Ottawa/Geneva/Freetown – The third in a series of animated video shorts by Chocolate Moose Media focusing on Ebola in West Africa is now ready for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Sierra Leone to use in the aftermath of the 2014/2015 Ebola epidemic.

"Beyond Survival" looks at the stigma associated with Ebola survivors and at how to bring them back into mainstream society. The first video in the series focused on containing the disease during the outbreak last year, and the second video focused on preventing the next outbreak from happening.

"We’ve seen how stigma can impact survivors, and they’re afraid. We hope that ("Beyond Survival") can help people reintegrate back into society," says Annisha Vasutavan, Program Manager for Emergency Social Mobilization and Psychosocial Support at CRS, which funded production costs.

We’ve seen how stigma can impact survivors and they’re afraid. We hope that (

"Beyond Survival" uses a male teenaged survivor who is shunned until he learns to rise above the shame. The soundtrack is a melodic urban beat with a spoken-word voiceover. CSR plans to use Sierra Leone singer and music producer Emrys Savage (Kingfisher) to add English and Krio voiceovers. The video will also be dubbed into the local dialects of Kranko, Temne, Mende and Limba.

Chocolate Moose Media founder Firdaus Kharas once again brought together longtime international collaborators to create the video: co-writer Brent Quinn in South Africa, composer Andrew Huggett in Ottawa and animators at Artha Animation in India. “Beyond Survival” tackles a vital sociological issue that fits into Kharas’ focus on global health and human rights.

"We often forget that a disease like Ebola has widespread effect long after an outbreak has subsided. Survivors often face stigma and are shunned, so the virus keeps affecting a person long after it has left the body. We must create a new culture of embracing and re-integrating survivors so the Ebola virus gets literally and figuratively eliminated," Kharas says.

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