Asbestos Awareness & Management is Vitally important Now Than Ever Before

UK Environmental Consultants Group Amiantus Give Their Account on Why Asbestos Containing Materials Should Not be Ignored

Online PR News – 27-November-2015 – London – For Immediate Press Release

UK based company Amiantus gives us their take on why Asbestos Management should not be overlooked and the consequences of what might happen if it is.

“If you are aware that your site has contains asbestos containing material which carries risk and you take no action, then you will land in serious trouble” says an insider within the company.

The regulations do indeed state that anyone who is responsible for a commercial property needs a managed asbestos survey in place. Consequences of not taking any action can lead to HSE inspectors closing off certain areas or the entire site itself, which can lead to a huge fine and even imprisonment.

All commercial properties, no matter what size, that were built or refurbished before the year 2000 are presumed to all have a form of asbestos present. It is now a legal requirement for the building owner or manager to ensure that any asbestos that is apparent is effectively managed. However, many companies do not realize the importance of this.

“All problems and risks can be avoided if the company seeks out a specialist in Asbestos Surveys, says Wayne. It is the responsibility of the site manager or whoever controls the Health and Safety to find out if there is Asbestos in the premises and prepare a plan setting out how any risks from the materials need to be managed.”

The company is not involved in services such as asbestos removal or reinstatement, but provide unbiased asbestos reports to formulate asbestos management plans.

Amiantus also provides Asbestos Awareness Training that covers all aspects of identifying asbestos to effectively managing it. The courses are tailored to the requirements of any organization.

To find out how Amiantus can help your business manage your asbestos requirements and provide training, contact +44 (0)1993 868 899.