Wet Plugz™ Surf Earplugs available through Healthcare Providers

Surf Munkey LLC announced an agreement with a world-class leader in producing earplugs and earpieces,

Online PR News – 27-November-2015 – San Diego, CA – San Diego, CA - Surf Munkey LLC announced an agreement with a world-class leader in producing earplugs and earpieces, and with it the ability to provide these custom earplugs to consumers through their healthcare providers.

“We have been offering our unique earplugs directly to the public, but because these are custom and require the user provide ear impressions, the appeal was more to the do-it-yourself type of consumer”, said Scott Orman, who heads up Product Development at Surf Munkey. "We are so excited and honestly, we feel quite privileged to have this new opportunity". Orman went on to say "...the lab we're now working with is already used by all the healthcare professionals we've been talking with, so that's a huge bonus."

The expansion is more than just production capacity, and brings with it an impressive array of new options not previously available in the Wet Plugz line. Under the agreement, these earplugs now offer an impressive selection of colors, different finishes, antimicrobial coating, and even laser engraving.

About the Wet Plugz Product

Wearing earplugs during surfing has always meant sacrificing the ability to hear, and often resulted in simply foregoing using earplugs, at the risk of developing exostosis (also known as "surfer's ear"). Orman provided - "During initial development, we tried an amazing number of approaches, including micro screens and combinations of superhydrophobic materials, but weren't satisfied with any of the results. Once we started working on a design to clear the sound pathway, instead of trying to prevent a blockage, the solution became more obvious. Wet Plugz™ allow you to keep the sound pathway clear, so keeping your ears safe no longer means being unable to hear".

About Surf Munkey

Surf Munkey develops and manufactures uniquely functional surf and water sports equipment. The company's first product was created when the founder was unable to find a hat that would support surfing in large waves without the bill getting in the way - so the FlipUpBill™ hat was invented. The inability to hear well while wearing earplugs has been an even longer running frustration as a water sports enthusiast, and proved much more of a challenge, but Wet Plugz™ earplugs now provide a superior solution.

Scott Orman
Director of Product Development