Rigaku Analytical Devices Handheld Raman Analyzer Wins R&D 100 Award

Prestigious award recognizes Progeny™ ResQ™ as one of the 100 most innovative products of 2015 by R&D 100 Magazine

Online PR News – 25-November-2015 – (Wilmington, MA, 23rd November 2015) – In a world increasingly faced with chemical and explosive threats, the development of powerful, new-generation technologies for threat identification and detection are essential. Progeny™ ResQ™, a handheld Raman analyzer for chemical detection, was selected as one of R&D Magazine’s list of the top 100 innovative products of 2015 in the Analytical/Test category for the 2015 R&D 100 Awards. The winners, selected by an independent judging panel and the editors of R&D Magazine, were announced on Friday 13 November at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Developed and manufactured by Rigaku Analytical Devices, a leading pioneer of handheld and portable spectroscopic analyzers, Progeny ResQ provides rapid and comprehensive detection of unknown chemical and explosive substances for onsite threat response.
“Winning an R&D 100 Award confirms Progeny ResQ as one of the most advanced chemical detection products on the market and we are delighted to have been selected,” said Bree Allen, General Manager and Vice President of the Molecular business for Rigaku Analytical Devices. “The global terrorist threat continues to rapidly evolve and the unique and powerful capabilities of Progeny ResQ provide first responders, law enforcement professionals, customs agencies, and the military with the means to respond to critical situations confidently. The award is a testament to the expertise and dedication of our team in meeting the needs of our customers. We are extremely proud of this achievement.”

Progeny ResQ delivers the industry’s most comprehensive library with over 12,000 common materials TICs/TIMs, CWAs and explosives and is also capable of identifying illicit drugs and narcotics. With a unique 1064nm excitation laser, the analyzer can overcome issues of sample induced fluorescence interference that affects Raman systems using shorter excitation wavelengths such as 785 nm.

To find out more about Progeny ResQ please visit www.rigakuanalytical.com or to book a demonstration please email info@rigakuanalytical.com .


About Rigaku Analytical Devices

Rigaku Analytical Devices is leading with innovation to pioneer a portfolio of handheld and portable spectroscopic analyzers for use in the protection of public health and safety, aid in the advancement of scientific and academic study, enable the recycle and reuse of metal alloys, and ensure quality of key metal alloy components in mission critical industries. Our core goal is to be recognized globally for quality, reliability and expertise in all aspects of our business through our commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing technologically advanced products. The foundation of our company is our talented team, dedicated to continual product development efforts which improve performance and functionality, resulting in reliable, cost-effective solutions for the end user. Our rugged products utilize integrated software that combines an open architecture platform with user defined settings, delivering unparalleled accuracy and extensive application support, empowering our customers to achieve rapid lab-quality results any time, any place.

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