Article Alley Announces Partnership With Kosmix

One of the best ways to increase your website's visibility is by submitting articles to an article directory. Article submission is not only an effective way of promoting business; it also makes people interested in your product.

Online PR News – 28-September-2010 – – An article directory is basically a website that allows people to post their articles for the purpose of marketing. In general, the article should not have a sales pitch and should be informative in nature. Most of the article directories have certain standards that you must maintain. People, who read your article, should get interested in your product and to seek more information they will click on the link that is given in the resource box.

There are a number of article directories and the opportunity for article marketers and article writers is getting better every day. It is important that you find the right article directory; make a search on Internet and visit every article directory you find. Make sure you check the popularity ratings and visitor statistics of that article directory. Also read its terms and conditions. You can also visit a few forums on Internet marketing and seek recommendations.

Article directories allow you to post free content in their website. All you need to remember are the right articles that relate to the product you want to market online. Generally, article directories do not allow articles that directly promote your product. If you do not know the appropriate way of writing for such a website then you can hire an SEO writer.

You can promote your business by linking your articles in the article directory, your blog, social bookmarking sites such as Kosmix and FaceBook page, among others. A link will also be provided by article directory that will considerably improve your search engine ranking.

Another benefit of posting information articles for free on an article directory is that you're allowed to create a Bio for yourself as an author. In fact, each article directory contains a resource box or a Bio box which is located at the bottom of each article. You are allowed to place one or more links in this bio. In this bio box you can mention the product that you are promoting.

The best way to promote your business online is by using the technique of Internet marketing and free articles submission. It would be great if you could locate an article directory that can be easily connected to a social bookmarking and social networking website. Article Alley is an article directory and it has recently partnered with Kosmix.

This will bestow a unique approach to articles that are submitted in this website. Kosmix is known for the unique approach that it has given to web searches. The website helps users to search for specific topic areas. The results that Kosmix displays are organized by interrelationship.

Every article that is posted on Article Alley will now have a Kosmix panel. This will result not only in higher page views and increased traffic, but it will also bring more visitors to the content you have posted.

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