New Mobile Game Published by Quest For Stardom; "Frosty The Assassin"

A chilling new mobile game, published in both iOS and Android, lets the user assume the role of the fugitive snowman; Frosty The Assassin.

Online PR News – 25-November-2015 – Longwood, FL – The Game's Storyline Premise:
A pail from outside of a jail has given life and evil magical powers and to a snowman. Then a call goes out to all the mythical snow creatures to come and destroy him. The user takes on the role of the fugitive, "Frosty The Assassin", and tries to stay aliveFrosty's game weapons include an icicle dagger, snowballs and of course, acid yellow snowballs. Multiple random layouts and spawning points give the user a unique game experience with unlimited levels overtime it is played.

The interface has variable languages including: Japanese, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian and English.

Download game at either Apple App Store, Google Play or get links and view video on product site:


• Unlimited Levels

• Immersive 3d Gameplay

• Random Layouts and Spawn Points

• Multi-language Interface

• Mini-Game Rewards

• No in-app buys

Creator/Producer: Clarence Sheridan

Producer of "BackStage starring Carol Channing" CD-ROM game which was lauded in The New York Times, NPR and on PC Magazine's Top 100 List. Currently, in iTunes you can view the current version of BackStage: "Quest For Stardom: BackStage"

Won the eLit Gold Medal for "Best Children's Book" entitled "Leonardo's Secret: Clean Up Your Act!". Art/Show Director for Disney Entertainment. Winner "Best Animation" Midwest Entertainment Film Festival for "Techman".

Other accomplishments include performing on Broadway for 5 years at Radio City Music Hall and in the Tony and Grammy nominated Broadway Production of "Hello, Dolly!", starring Carol Channing.

Additional Development: The Knights of Unity

Based in Poland, Europe - The Knights of Unity is a software development studio specialized in Unity. So far, The Knigths have developed multiple mobile and PC titles for clients from all over the world, including such industry giants as Disney or Electronic Arts.

Winners of the national contest for the game promoting the city of Wroclaw as the European Capital of Culture 2016 with "Wroclaw Quest".

The Knight who developed "Frosty the Assassin": Tomasz Jaworski (Sir Witcher of The Knights of Unity)

© 2015 Clarence Sheridan