Exciting Changes at AC Advertising

AC Advertising introduces Co-Managing Partner, Don Polk and announces Company's new name. Mr. Polk has over 30 years in marketing and business experience.

Online PR News – 25-November-2015 – Pensacola, Florida – AC Advertising introduces co-managing partner Don Polk. Mr. Polk, along with Founder and co-managing partner Audra Carter, expanded its wherewithal and reach to develop out-of-the-box branding, marketing media strategies and campaign services for major multinational small businesses, government, and non-profits organizations in the United States and globally.

Audra Carter saw a need in the community for better communication to and from its consumers, especially with the “minority consumer”. She believed a media coalition is essential for a far-reaching and effective marketing, advertising or communication strategy. The agency, strives to build consumer, government and corporate awareness to and from the communities it serves, as well as bridge the gap between multicultural communities that make up Pensacola. Through visionary media concepts, AC Advertising has shown a positive light on Northwest Florida with critical, community-oriented projects.

AC Advertising coordinated the Community Outreach (SBE) program developed by the City of Pensacola and created the Disadvantage Business Enterprise Program (DBE) for the Pensacola International Airport. The project took them beyond the business sector to touch the lives of “minority-families” in the area. AC Advertising was one of the lead contractors for MGT Disparity Study, which was a positive step for the minority businesses of Pensacola.

Ms. Carter, who spearheaded and coordinated the outreach program for the Community Maritime Park, became a member of the Community Maritime Park Associates and Chairwoman of the Equal Business Opportunity committee, actively promoted minority business involvement in the community.

AC Advertising is active in the education of children in the community. The agency promoted and served on the board of the Foundation for Excellence, campaigned for early learning programs like Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten and supported the Take Stock in Children which provides college scholarships, mentors, and hope to deserving, low-income youth. The firm was active in the Early Learning Coalition, Imagination Library whose mission is to foster a love of reading among the county’s preschool children and their families. The program provides kids with a specially selected book each month.

With the leadership of Audra Carter, AC Advertising took on projects such as Straight up Making College Real for the University of West Florida. The firm provided outreach for Sacred Heart and Baptist hospitals to minority screening for cancer and chronic illnesses. AC Advertising was also the driving force behind the City of Pensacola first Hurricane Disaster Preparedness Day media blitz for BRACE – Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergency. Ms. Carter is an Emergency Management Hurricane Recovery EOC volunteer, CERT trainer and provided educational workshops to local churches and the small businesses community.

Recently, Ms. Carter made two exciting changes at AC Advertising. Along with AC Advertising’s co-managing partner Mr. Don Polk, who focuses primarily on international governmental, public and private business development but recently decided to become active with Audra Cater domestically and particularly in Pensacola due to certain recent occurrences - the firm expanded its reach to develop marketing media strategies and campaigns in the United States and globally.

Don Polk is a savvy international businessman with an impressive background. With more than 30 years of business experience under his belt, Don Polk has serviced and partnered with cutting edge businesses in entertainment, fashion, marketing and commodity industries. Polk, along with his partners and various companies, designed and manufactured apparel and/or created marketing campaigns for “Fortune 500/1000” corporations like Walt Disney, AEG, Ford, Chevron, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Dillard’s Department Stores, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Bloomingdale’s and The National Football League–just to name a few.

Polk has worked to improve civil rights throughout the country and is a mainstay contributor to several prominent organizations. He is currently a National Board member of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, a former National SCF Board of Trustees member of the NAACP and former member of the Board of Directors of the Urban Education Partnership. Although his business activities keep him very busy, practically 24/7 as Mr. Polk puts it, he still consults with political, governmental and grassroots organizations when he can.

Don Polk’s experience, tenacity and ability to produce measurable results makes him a powerful member of the AC Advertising team.

Polk brings new life to AC Advertising and with it, a new name for the firm. AC Advertising is now AC Advertising & Media Group. Together, Audra Carter and Don Polk are able to introduce a more comprehensive service package with rich and dynamic marketing strategies that cover multiple media distribution channels. The company’s ideation prowess and out-of-the-box strategies make them highly competitive. They construct engaging social media profiles, develop and maintain various communication and analytic platforms; produce promotional products, develop trending, thought provoking and effective content. AC Advertising also improves the overall market goals and objectives with proof positive accountability and bottom-line results for its clients. AC Advertising has massive consumer influence, by utilizing certain capabilities and assets, to include the ability to get celebrity endorsements and/or involvement. In fact, Mr. Polk has many celebrity friends or associates, as well as celebrity business partners or associates who would get involved at his behest.

With Polk as an active co-managing member of AC Advertising team in Pensacola and the US in general, the agency is able to explore additional major business opportunities and bring to fruition the “big picture” vision developed by Ms. Carter.

AC Advertising announces its new name–AC Advertising & Media Group. This media team has the digital capability to better service corporate America, small businesses, communities and consumers of Northwest Florida, Florida wide and other states throughout the country.