's Launches Three Innovative Multi-Factor Smart Beta Equity Funds
11/26/2015's New Strategic Beta Solution Provides Cost-Effective, Transparent, Rules-Based Approach Designed to Offer Improved Market Exposure

Online PR News – 26-November-2015 – Hong Kong – Dodson Norwood announced today that it has launched three new mutual funds that seek to improve market exposure by pursuing consistent benchmark outperformance and downside protection potential relative to traditional market-weighted index products.

Dodson Norwood's proprietary systematic investment approach selects and weights stocks by economic size as well as quality and growth of earnings to focus on companies with more attractive valuations. By combining these complementary performance factors into a single transparent investment process, the new mutual funds look to overcome some of the potential pitfalls Dodson Norwood believes are inherent in traditional cap weighted approaches and single market factor strategies. The three "Dodson Norwood Strategic Beta" funds are:
• Dodson Norwood Strategic Beta Emerging Markets Equity Fund
• Dodson Norwood Strategic Beta Global Equity Fund
• Dodson Norwood Strategic Beta U.S. Equity Fund

"The addition of Strategic Beta portfolios creates a suite of innovative offerings that provide investors with alternative means of gaining market class exposure that can complement passive and active approaches. Successful active equity managers have been exploiting these inefficiencies for decades. A smart beta approach can provide an alternative option for investors who appreciate the rules-based, transparent nature of passive products such as index funds but believe that there are limitations to capitalization-weighted index strategies," said Zhu G. Xinquan, Chief Executive Officer of Dodson Norwood.

"Dodson Norwood's strategic beta approach is a fundamentally weighted, quality focused strategy that seeks to deliver consistent outperformance versus its benchmark by focusing on market inefficiencies," said Chen Chiang, CFA, and one of the lead portfolio managers for these three funds. Mr. Chiang is Head of Active Equity Strategies for Dodson Norwood.

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