Facility For RV Transport

FDS Dispatch is an online logistics company. It is arranging transport for shipment of all types of equipment and vehicles including RV’s (Recreational Vehicles

Online PR News – 25-November-2015 – Nov 24/Irving – FDS Dispatch or Fdsdispatch.com, a logistics website is showcasing an efficient service for transport of RV’s (Recreational Vehicles) across North America.

Details were revealed by top executives of the company in a recent press meet held in the city. They threw light on the various aspects of RV transport.

FDS Dispatch is a logistics website, which provides the online service of communication, linking owners, brokers, shippers and transporter of heavy equipment, vehicles and freight. This includes boats, automobiles, RV’s, etc., which can be towed.

Any party, who wishes to transport such items across any points in North America, can advertise their need on the fdsdispatch.com website. All they have to do is to fill the form advertised at the site and proceed according to the terms and conditions of the site.

Now, some transport companies in the US can view the advertisements at the site. They are able to ascertain the origin, destination, size and type of equipment to be moved. They can then contact the persons who need to have their equipment transported. Those transporters, who need additional information other than default information, should register at the site.

“U.S.A. is the biggest market for passenger auto- vehicles, more than any part of the world. Therefore, it has a large transport market catering to the need for transporting vehicles, among other things. As the market increases, so does the demand for transport business,” noted an executive.

Transport of RV is expensive and far from cheap. But online tools can be used to compare costs and garner savings. “In the case of RV, we recommend you get it transported from terminal to terminal for pickup and delivery. This will be less expensive than door to door pickup and delivery. Also, shipping your motorbike or car along with RV can help you save money since many companies will offer discounts for large shipments. For shipping RV, you must also provide sufficient time ahead of shipping as flexibility gives backhaul options to transporters that may turn out to be cheaper for you,” explained an executive.

“There is also the option of RV load board in which you can post your vehicle on an RV load board. The posting of load on load board throws open many options. You can choose the best option and settle on the right quote that suits your budget,” said another executive.

First one has to decide whether you want RV driven service or RV towing service. An RV in good condition will be driven, and you must choose a reliable transporter. In the case of a trailer or a non-working RV, a towing arrangement may be needed, which is relatively expensive compared to driven.

“Next one must choose a carrier by going for the best quote offered by carriers, which respond to the ad placed at the website. You must also take care to check the latter’s Motor Carrier and Dept. of Transport (DOT) numbers. All carrier companies will have these numbers and you can check online,” said an executive on a concluding note.