Sooho Coating Machine Industrial Co., known for producing Efficient Powder Coating

SOOHO COATING MACHINE INDUSTRIAL CO is a leading manufacturer of electrostatic powder coating machine in Korea.

Online PR News – 25-November-2015 – Anyang-si Gyonggi-do – Sooho Coating Machine Industrial Co., is known for producing efficient powder coating products that are supplied to the Korean market at large. The company has been manufacturing all types of automation systems that boast of most powerful coating traits. Not just that, the company is known for manufacturing different types of accessories and components that are required for powder coating. Since the idea of automation is a very current concept therefore Sooho has all its products that operate automatically. However, to meet different sectors of the market, the company is also engaged in manufacturing powder coating machines that are capable of functioning manually. Some of the names of most popular Sooho products include reciprocator, electrostatic powder coating equipment, electrostatic powder coating machine hopperess set and so on.

The company is also known for catering installation services with the product so that customers do have any problem with installing these heavy machines. The reciprocator is mostly meant to solve all those weak points which could not be solved by kind of analogue systems. On the other hand, electrostatic powder coating machine is meant for self examination functions and also they are very much easy to maintain and repair. These types of machines ensure sufficient powder savings owing to penetration into surfaces. This also ensures comfortable and safe workability through means of biotechnological design and even production.

About Company: Sooho Coating Machine Industrial Co., was established 16 years ago and since then the company has been in the endeavour to manufacture different types of powder coating machines. If customers are looking for an excellently designed reciprocator in korea then Sooho is the place to look for. We claim to be the most sought after reciprocator manufacturer in Korea and also powder coating booth manufacturer in Korea. Right now, we are capable of manufacturing both manual and automatic machines that can do wonders for various industrial works. We take immense pride to declare that we have an expert team who are capable of garnering all raw materials and doing enough research to realize what will work for customers. We are also known as powder coating booth manufacturer in Korea and this is one of the reasons why we have so many people trusting us. To know more about us, you can contact at:

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