R3app Presents Calvertr2 - Fastest Unit Converter With Calculator

California based R3app announces its new app,Calvertr2 -Fastest unit converter with calculator.

Online PR News – 25-November-2015 – San jose/California – Having multiple apps for various conversions are not useful for everyone. Also, it is inconvenient to copy and paste data from converter app to calculator app for basic post-calculations. Considering these pain points, we designed Calvertr2 that includes 1400+ units converter and built in calculator.

This is the most comprehensive converter app in the market. We carefully designed to minimize user’s taps for:
1. Finding units
2. Find conversions or converted units
3. Enter the numbers
4. Save conversion
5. Save units to favorite
6. Access favorite units
7. Use results in calculator

Whole operation of finding units and finding conversions is blazing fast. Only one screen is used to do multiple conversions. Another notable feature is allowing users to show/hide categories intuitively. By spending few minutes, users can personalize the calvertr2 for their needs.

App is meticulously designed for Apple Watch and has the most advanced, customizable widget. There is lot to love for advanced users with added 12 language support.

Calvertr2 is a free app without annoying adds.