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Safety Direct offers you an assortment of quality products, specifically designed for your protection at workplace.

Online PR News – 24-November-2015 – Galway / Ireland – Trousers are stitched pieces of cloth that are worn to cover and protect the lower part of the body. This form of clothing has been worn by people since centuries. Safety Direct offers you an excellent range of trousers for your various wearing needs.

Have you imagined how a firefighter works? Especially given that such a person, during action, is continually exposed to direct heat from the fire. The kind of gear such professionals don are specially designed for their job. The fabric, and other materials that go into making a fire fighter’s work wear are made with a lot of care and in a way that it serves the purpose. More often than not, each of the materials – be it the textile, or rubber – is tempered in such a manner that they can withstand tremendous levels of temperature before corroding, be flame retardant in most circumstances, and prevent the heat from transpiring into the inner layers of the garment, onto the wearer’s body. Such type of gear includes high visibility trousers and coveralls.

Industries where workers are prone to damage from spills of corrosive materials and other accidents use protective foot and legs. Certain have boots, while others have rubber shoes, while others have paper wrappers and trousers. Some industries even prescribe protection for the entire leg in case splashes of hazardous materials are common. There are even shoes made of steel or just the toes are protected with steel casing to prevent injury. Leg chaps are a regular sight in saw mills where chain saws are frequently operated.

There are various other types of protective equipment too, which are solely devised according to need and requirement. Though they are not readily available commercially, they are generally provisioned for to an employee upon his joining a particular environment.

Trousers that come from Safety Direct have a wide range. They come from established brands like North, Ansell, Dependable and Superior. They are all about the fit and comfort. These trousers have diverse designs in their cuts, pleats, flys and cuffs. Wearing them for long hours would cause no irritation. To view our entire range, visit online and browse our collections.

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