Disability Activist Creates Funds 4 Spina bifida,

"FUNDS 4 SPINA BIFIDA", A Petition Urging Congress To Increase Funding Towards Spina Bifida Research, Education & Programs.

Online PR News – 28-September-2010 – – Funds 4 Spina bifida was created by Disability activist & American Poet Robert M. Hensel in order to help raise awareness to this disabling birth defect. Right now, there are 166,000 People living in the United States with this condition, and without the proper education and funding these numbers could become much higher.

Spina bifida occurs within the first 28 days of pregnancy, even before a Woman may know shes pregnant. That is why every Woman of childbearing age should educate themselves about the importance of taking folic acid.

Studies have shown that Women who take 400 micrograms of folic acid daily, greatly reduces the chance of having a baby born with Spina bifida, by up to 70%.

Despite these advances, many challenges still remain as we continue to strive foward in search of a direct cause. The United States Government must step up to the plate and increase the funding we so drastically need for research and the development of better treatments for all Americans living with Spina bifida. I urge you to join in our fight by adding your name to our petition.

Together, we can make a difference not only in the lives of those already living with Spina bifida but to assure a much brighter future for those yet to be born as well.


Robert M. Hensel

164 East Bridge Street

Upper back Apt

Oswego, New York 13126

Dear Members of Congress,

My name is Robert M. Hensel, and on behalf of the all Americans born with Spina bifida including myself, I am writing to urge you and all other members of congress to please consider increasing the funding we so drastically need towards better research and education, not only for those already living with this condition but those yet to be born as well..

As you may already know, Spina Bifida is the nation's most common, permanently disabling birth defect which affects approximately 3,000 pregnancies per year or approximately 8 babies a day. Research and technology have made progress in both reducing the risk of Spina Bifida pregnancies and increasing the life expectancy of those born with this condition. Researchers have determined that women of child-bearing age who take daily folic acid supplements reduce their chances of having a Spina Bifida pregnancy by up to 70 percent. Despite these advances, many challenges still remain as we continue to strive foward in search of a direct cause. Public education on the importance of folic acid supplements in preventing Spina Bifida has yet to reach some sectors of the population. As a result of increased life expectancy, people with Spina Bifida now contend with new quality-of-life concerns such as education, job training, independent living, and health care for secondary conditions.

The pouring support of signatures attached within this petition should serve as a kind of testimony to the many lives that are directly effected by this disabiling birth defect. Our very well being lies within the hands of the United States Government and the decisions that it makes. More money would bring us just a little bit closer to a cause and one day a cure. Your support to increase funding spending towards Spina bifida research, it;s programs and education would greatly be appreciated as we work to address these continuing challenges .

If I can be of any assistance to you or your staff, please do not hesitate to contact me by mail or call Robert M. Hensel, (315.) 216-6031 Again, I thank you for your attention to this important effort to help individuals and families affected by Spina Bifida.

Yours Truly,

Disability activist & American Poet:

Robert M. Hensel