Extreme Estrous Deer Attractant From Maximum Draw Products Available

Powerful all-natural doe estrous deer attractant conveniently packaged in 2 ounce pump spray bottles sold at dealers and online.

Online PR News – 28-September-2010 – – Arlington, KY – Maximum Draw Products (MDP), the manufacturer of high-performance EarthQuake mineral deer attractant and other hunting products, announced today that its Extreme Estrous brand of pure doe estrous is now available for sale at select dealers and online.

MDP’s Extreme Estrous deer attractant is all natural and very potent. Pure doe estrous is collected from live does during the peak estrous cycle through a natural light restriction process in a sanitary environment. Extreme Estrous is not mixed with other doe urine and is never frozen.

Through 3 years of intense field-testing, Extreme Estrous deer attractant has produced incredible results, with several huge bucks being taken. These results are a testament to the high-level of manufacturing quality control that goes into every 2 ounce pump spray bottle of Extreme Estrous.

“Extreme Estrous from Maximum Draw Products is the most powerful doe estrous deer attractant available to hunters. We put our reputation on the line with every bottle.” said Charles Fisher, founder and co-owner of Maximum Draw Products, “Try MDP’s Extreme Estrous and see why everyone is talking about our pure doe estrous.”

If a local dealer doesn’t carry the MDP line of high-performance deer attractants, including Extreme Estrous, hunters are encouraged to let MDP know. All MDP products are also available online at the company’s website: MaximumDraw.com.

About Maximum Draw Products
Located along the banks of the Mississippi River in Carlisle County, Kentucky, Maximum Draw Products (MDP) was established in late 2005 by average, blue-collar deer hunters. This enterprising team wanted to develop and offer quality deer attractants and other hunting products that all hunters could actually afford. Dealer inquiries are welcome. For more information and to see MDP’s entire line of high-performance outdoor products, visit their website at: http://www.maximumdraw.com