ELT Inc., Expands Its Scope Of Business Across Renewable And New Energy Industry

ELT Inc. is a leading energy storage system manufacturer in Korea.

Online PR News – 23-November-2015 – Gwangju – ELT Inc., spreads its scopes of business across renewable and new energy industry. So far, the company has been engaged in collaborating projects with other ventures to expand its scopes far and wide. Based on accumulated experience, the company is known for solar power generation manufacturer in Korea. Solar energy is most natural and ensures constant supply of energy unlike other sources, which are exhaustible. The idea is to get across the energy industry with technological development in ESS or Energy Storage System, solar power generation and so on. The scopes of business are stretched across various sectors like LED, lighting, telecommunication work, and so on.
ELT Inc., ensures power supply system with energy cost savings, and strong management system to maximize reliability and eco-friendly surrounding for the mass. It is not solely developing energy but creating a harmony between energy production sources. Presently, ELT Inc., is engaged in penetrating world market with innovation and dimension. The products from the company include micro power system, LED solar streetlight, camping LED lantern, and so on. While there are many energy saving problems, world across, ELT Inc., has been in efforts to bring absolute solution for it. The energy treatment plant is established to cultivate energy, save them for later use. The ultimate idea is to ensure that there is constant supply of energy to various residential units and factories.
About Company: Since years, ELT Inc., has been in efforts to plough energy and build a power-backed industry wide spread. This is one of the reasons why the company is known as home energy storage system manufacturer in Korea. We are committed towards exerting utmost efforts for meeting demands of customers. Our target is keep up with competition in market so as to engage skilled people for energy development with technological innovation. Staff is given adequate training to ensure that they know about their work and how they can go about it. Our objective is to increase partnership far and wide so as to ensure that all our products are flawless. We ensure that our services reach out to residential units and also to every sector in industrial unit and so we are tagged as commercial energy storage system manufacturer in Korea. To know more about us, you can contact at:
Contact: +82-62-412-2381
Address: 20-13, Cheomdan venture so-ro 38beon-gil,
Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea
Email: rjpark@eltkorea.co.kr