Aktiv Mind LMS introduces new analytics & reporting

Learning Management Systems (or LMS for short) are becoming ever so popular with companies as a way of cutting down costs and overhead related.

Online PR News – 23-November-2015 – Toronto – Learning Management Systems (or LMS for short) are becoming ever so popular with companies as a way of cutting down costs and overhead related to internal employee training. With the ever growing choices out there it is hard to decide on which platform will best suit an organizations needs. As Online Management Training platforms delve to differentiate their product offerings by adding new features to their platform, many neglect the simple areas where their LMS is lacking. One such important area that many companies favour for improvement is the reporting and analytical features of the training platform. Therefore, Aktiv Mind LMS, a leader in online training, has introduced new reporting and analytical features.

The new reporting features will provide administrators with detailed information on trainee status throughout the course, whether the trainee has passed or failed the final exam, and whether certification has been provided at the end of the course. The report also lists all the trainees associated with a course, which in turn allows the administrator to easily and efficiently view all the participants of a course.

The Aktiv Mind LMS excel report exporting further allows administrators to export data from the platform and import it into their internal analytical databases. While companies are starting to adapt well to the online world of training, being able to understand and adjust the training offered is an important factor in keeping a workforce trained and educated. Being able to adapt the training information provided to users can save the amount of time needed to train an individual, which in turn will allow them to start their work function earlier. If a sales person for example joins a company and needs to learn about its products, having a good Online Management Training program may allow the sales person to learn the information they need to learn earlier, which in turn will let them hit the sales floor earlier bringing overall value to the company.

In addition to the new reporting feature, the Aktiv Mind LMS platform allows multi-platform page rendering. This will allow companies to access the platform, as well as the reporting features, from their mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. Having reports displayed in real-time onto an iPad, for example, can incorporate easy to access analytical information.

Visitors to Aktiv Mind LMS can instantly sign-up for a 30-day free trial from their desktop, tablet or cell phone giving them full access to all the platforms features. Further updates that will be implemented over the next few weeks are the introduction of a new iOS app that allows trainees to create user-driven learning material. Such material is important as it allows people with expertise in different areas of the company to upload their own learning material while also learning from other contributors, creating a virtual learning hub where everyone is equal. This bottom up approach will be the future of learning, according the LMS experts.

About Aktiv Mind LMS:
Aktiv Mind LMS was created with the goal of providing easy to use cloud based training software that allows any individual with a non-technical background to create courses and quizzes in order to train their team. The entire site is responsive and runs on iPads, Mobile devices such as iPhones and Android Phones, Macs and PCs. A risk free trial is provided with no credit card required for registration for users to test the platform. Visit http://www.aktivmind.com/users/freetrial for 1 month free trial and train your workforce today.