Live Quest Game Exitoria – One of the Best Ways to Spend Free Time and Experience Real-Life Thrill

Live quest games such as real-life escape rooms are rapidly booming in many countries these days.

Online PR News – 23-November-2015 – Riga / Latvia – Live quest games such as real-life escape rooms are rapidly booming in many countries these days and Live Quest Exitoria is one of which that people deems to be the best ways they can spend their free time. Live Quest Game Exitoria is the best way to spend their free time as people are becoming more and more addicted to the idea of being willingly locked up for fun.
The idea behind these live quest games was inspired from escape room video games. Right now, real-life escape room games are becoming quite popular weekend or day events across the world. Basically, the game is a physical adventure where the participants will be locked up in a room and they will have to work together as a team in order to use elements in the room so as to solve puzzles and find clue in order to escape. The game is set to limited time and the participants have to escape within that time which adds to the thrill and excitement of the game.
The Live Quest Exitoria comes with subplot which makes it all the more exciting. In the game, the participants – family, friends, colleagues and guests from other cities -- will have to find the ancient relic within 60 minutes and then escape from the ancient underground. While inside of the ancient underground, participants will find themselves delving in the world of alchemy where they will be solving puzzles and make their way out of the ancient dungeon. The idea of the game is for participants to work together as a team which makes it excellent for team building exercises.
But that Live Quest Room of Exitoria is not only ideal for team building exercises but also for simple Friday night event. For someone who simple wants to spend their free time. Escape rooms since the time it first came has now become a very popular choice for events and parties with adults usually preferring it for clubbing. Live Quest Room Exitoria is one the best entertainment for people who love thrills or would like to try something quite different.
Escape quest games are a bit expensive even when the price is divided among the players. Usually, the money one would spend in Live Quest games would be more than enough to enjoy a nice dinner, got to a bar or have a bottle of wine. But the beauty of Exitoria Live Quest it is most effective for relieving stress. Apparently, it is much potent stress reliever compared to just drinking a glass of wine.
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