KATAAK.COM Launches an Exhaustive Online Shopping Platform

Digital revolution has made our lives much simpler and easier that now the word ‘Shopping’ doesn’t bring frowning expressions on our face.

Online PR News – 23-November-2015 – Delhi/NCR – Just think for once what the situation will be if there was no existence of the e-commerce platform? With such a busy schedule, it would have become really difficult to go to the physical market to shop for each of your need. Digital revolution has made our lives much simpler and easier that now the word ‘Shopping’ doesn’t bring frowning expressions on our face. Just a few clicks of your computer’s mouse and the products are at your doorstep.
This might force you to think that India has progressed a lot in this field and a huge part of its population is engaged in shopping online, but the fact is contrary. Less than 3% of the Indian population has experienced shopping online, i.e. approximately 39 million people out of a huge mass of 1.27 billion. Though the number of Indians using Internet stands at a count of 354 million (making the 3rd largest user base of the world), the e-commerce segment is still at a low compared to the other booming economies like the UK, US & France. The major factor affecting the growth of e-commerce is the poor data connectivity & speed. In terms of progress, we are moving at a faster pace adding nearly 6 million new shoppers every month.
As compared to the growth ladder of earlier years, India has made a commendable jump of 27% by giving a business of $3.8 billion, i.e. Rs. 251.20 crore. By the end of 2016, the count of users is expected to exceed the 100 million mark, taking the e-commerce business to a colossal figure of $15 billion (Rs. 991.58 crore). The fashion and apparel category is the highly preferred segment among the Indian online shoppers followed by electronics and tickets.
Though the existence of e-tailers is in abundance, most of them offer their services and products related to some particular segments only, such as furniture, home appliance, Apparel, etc. thus creating a loophole in their pitching ability. Kataak.com, the mastermind behind the world’s first online designer for home decor and furniture through its venture Kataak Dekhle, is all set to introduce a one-stop-solution for online shoppers in the form of the e-shop. The e-shop is designed to cater each category available in the market so that the users don’t have to toggle between various e-commerce portals. Be it gadgets, home appliances, furniture, home décor, apparel, fashion accessories or kids’ toys, the portal will give you countless options in every category to satiate your wish.
Become the part of digital India and start shopping online!