Negentec Co., Ltd., Brings New Technology For Its Production Line

NEGENTEC CO., LTD is the leading patent holding water jet loom parts & plastic heald manufacturer in Korea.

Online PR News – 23-November-2015 – Deagu, Korea – Negentec Co., Ltd., brings new technology and ideas related to it to its production line. The company offers reinforced healds for its Korean market by bringing in research-based ideas to its manufacturing process. At the moment, the company is leading the market with its 21st century ideas and advanced know-how. Before, plastic head could not be catapulted under 0.6m/m thickness, but Negentec made this possible b y engaging its workers for one and half years of consistent perseverance that has resulted into the heald’s catapulting thickness of 0.4m/m. The company introduced an innovative production method to come up with this new discovery.

Apart from this, Negentec is known for manufacturing a range of weaving machines made affordable to all types of customers. The demand of denier fabric is mostly felt and the company’s heald machine is capable of doing that. This is high speed weaving machine that has all the features required to make it work in today’s world. The other types of products supplied to the market include hiper heald, leno heald, PP heald, Jacquard heald and more. The best thing about the company’s weaving machines is that they produce very minimum noise and functions smoothly so there is no difficulty in using the machine. Using high solid plastic, Nengentec comes up with the new plastic heald machine available in today’s scenario.

About Company: After its establishment in 2001, Negentec Co., Ltd, has been in efforts of bringing new dimension to the weaving world. We have the best ideas for weaving so that the textile industry gets a complete makeover and gifts in technology never experienced before. Today, we are regarded as the most sought-after plastic heald manufacturer in Korea and we are also known for producing the best leno heald in Korea. Our products have no match and ensure that we will continue to meet demands of customers in every possible way. We are also known as water jet loom parts manufacturer in Korea. Take a look at some of our most innovative products, such as, jacquard, fabric, CAM, plain weave and C&J. Our ultimate mission is to meet demands of everyone with best possible products that we have to offer. To know more about us, you can contact at:

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