Catch Australian Actor Caleb McClure in the Upcoming Film 'The Legend of Ben Hall'

Australian actor Caleb McClure nails the mark as Frederick Nelson in the film "The Legend of Ben Hall" slated for release in 2016!

Online PR News – 23-November-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Actor Caleb McClure, who's known for his leading roles in several film and TV productions including "Arrival," "A View From Below," "Holding the Man," "Where is Mum?" and "Underbelly," wrapped production on the highly anticipated film "The Legend of Ben Hall" earlier this year where he took on the pivotal role of Frederick Nelson.

The newest feature film from director Matthew Holmes ("Twin Rivers," "Crooked," "The Artifice"), due to hit theatres in Australia in 2016, "The Legend of Ben Hall" brings to life a historical tale about some of Australia's most memorable criminals, bushranger Ben Hall and his wild band of thieves.

Set in the 1860s, the action-packed and emotionally charged biographical drama follows Hall and is gang during the last nine months of Hall's life when he and the gang ran rampant across the central west of New South Wales committing several infamous robberies and leaving a trail of the dead in their wake, which included two police officers.

McClure's character Frederick Nelson was the son of policeman Constable Nelson, who was shot by John Dunn during a raid of a hotel in the town of Collector. In the film, as it was in history, Frederick is with his father when they come under fire from Dunn, leaving Constable to die in his son's arms.

McClure acts alongside several other internationally renowned actors in the film including Jack Martin ("Home and Away," "Locust") who plays Ben Hall, Jamie Coffa ("Gallipoli") as John Gilbert, William Lee ("Bloodline," "Funny Bone," "The Trolly Police") as John Dunn, as well as Joanne Dobbin ("Misery Guts," "Blue Heelers"), Dean Kirkright ("Newman," "80 Proof") and Callan McAuliffe ("Robot Overlords," "The Great Gatsby").

A View From Below

The film will undoubtedly be one that audiences across Australia will easily identify with, as stories of Ben Hall have become an integral feature in the country's folklore over the last century.

"Being Australian it was easy for me to relate to Frederick, as he is part of our history," explains McClure. "My role was intense at times with a lot of action and emotion so I had to be quick on my feet, and it was definitely physically challenging, as I had to run a lot in cold weather. The film was shot in winter so being outside in the bush was freezing, but it was worth it to be apart of this."

Director Matthew Holmes, who also wrote the screenplay for the film, worked closely with New South Wales' historian Peter Bradley in order to ensure that the events are factually represented within the film.

Two Tone Pictures and Running Panda Films are producing "The Legend of Ben Hall" in association with Odin's Eye Entertainment, RLC Motion Picture Entertainment, Emu Creek Pictures, SunJive Studios and Palmarium LLC.

"Caleb has a solid grasp of the film and television process due to his extended experience on many varied film and TV productions, giving him an edge that many actors don’t have this early in their career," says Holmes. "I found him to be a very professional, considerate and motivated young man, with a natural gift for screen acting. His audition for the role was terrific and he was a genuine pleasure to work with on set."

At just 15-years-old McClure, who has dazzled audiences on countless occasions over the course of his seven-year film and television career, has proven himself to be capable of astonishing diversity and emotional depth. Earlier this year audiences had a chance to see McClure in the film "Holding the Man" where he played the crucial role of Nick Conigrave. The film received the Awgie Award for best Feature Film Adaptation, as well as six nominations from the Australian Film Institute and the People's Choice Award from the Melbourne International Film Festival.

The actor will also star in the feature film "Holden Town," which is set to begin production in Victoria, Australia in 2016. The film, which is being directed by Brett Lovell and produced by Pack Of Galahs Productions, revolves around Billy Barker, a single father who struggles to make ends meet as he raises his two sons with McClure's character Mack being the youngest of Barker's two sons.

In the film, McClure's character Mack goes to work on apple orchard where he learns the value of hard work and that nothing truly worthwhile in life comes easy.

McClure admits, "The film has drama, comedy and a lot of emotion, and having multiple genres in this film gives me the opportunity to change my character around a lot."

In addition to the upcoming film "Holden Town," and the highly anticipated release of "The Legend of Ben Hall," McClure has also been cast to star in two of director Matthew Poidevin's ("Chasing Summer," "Professor Madman and the Time Machine") upcoming supernatural horror films, "Cabin 25" and "The Hat Man."