Actress Erica Deutschman To Star in the Upcoming Comedy Series 'Cross Rhodes'

Canadian actress Erica Deutschman, who played Beth on Syfy's "Being Human," will star in the upcoming comedy series "Cross Rhodes."

Online PR News – 22-November-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Canadian actress Erica Deutschman is slated to take on the starring role of Erica Rhodes in the upcoming series "Cross Rhodes," which is expected to be released in summer 2016.

The show revolves around Deutschman's character Erica, a delusional actress who believes that she is one of Canada's biggest stars. In the show, Erica's dad hires a film crew to follow her around in her everyday life, which only adds fuel to the fire inflating her ego even more.

Canadian Screen Award nominee Jesse Camacho, who stars on HBO's award-winning series "Less than Kind," says, "Erica is a force ready to be released to the world and we've written her a role that both plays to her strengths and shows off her incredible versatility. We can't wait to share her talent with the audience! And I know they will be coming back for more and more. I can't wait to start this exciting adventure with her."

The hilarious and cringe-worthy series, which is being produced by Duchess Productions, will also star Holly Deveaux ("Hemlock Grove," "Baxter," "Less than Kind") as Holly Sutton, Erica's frenemy.

"The moment Erica and Jesse asked me to be a part of the 'Cross Rhodes' team, I couldn't wait to start. It's such a funny show and I think that it's an angle of Erica that we've all been waiting to see. Stay tuned, you won't be disappointed," says Deveaux, who also stars on CTV's Canadian Screen Award winning series "Spun Out."

The new series, which is going to be shot mockumentary style, is slated to begin production over the next few months, and will undoubtedly give audiences a ton of laughs and reveal Deutschman's comedy side.

Less than Kind

Deutschman says, "Most of my past roles have been dramatic. I’m either crying or dying, or nearly dying. So I really look forward to doing comedy again. Also being the lead of a series is very exciting and she is definitely unlike any other character that I have played in the past."

Earlier this year Deutschman dazzled audiences with her performance in the feature film "Beeba Boys," which had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

The comedic film follows a group of stylish Sikh gangsters led by Jeet Johpar, played by Bollywood star Randeep Hooda ("Monsoon Wedding," "The Coffin Maker," "Risk"). Decked out in brightly colored suits and always up for a television interview, the ruthless group of gangsters who call themselves the Beeba Boys navigate an underground war in Vancouver trying to take control of the city's arms and drug trade infusing the film with comedy along the way.

Deutschman gives a knock out performance in the film as Lucky's Girl, the girlfriend of gangster Lucky Sangheria who's played by Rup Magon ("Jinn," "Breakaway").

"Beeba Boys" was written and directed by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta ("The Republic of Love," "Fire," "Heaven on Earth") who has garnered an impressive 21 awards for her work over the last two decades, including an award at the Cannes Film Festival for the film "Sam and Me" and a Directors Guild of Canada DGC Team Award for her work on the film "Midnight's Children."

"It was so exciting to work with Deepa Mehta, she’s insanely talented and I’m a really big fan of hers," admits Deutschman.

As an actress Deutschman has shown incredible versatility over the years through her performances as Beth in the award-winning Syfy series "Being Human," Becca in "Blue Mountain State" and Belle in the film "Happy Slapping."

In Christopher Sourligas's ("Elephant Shows") film "Happy Slapping" five friends, including Deutschman's character Belle, set out to become famous by attacking innocent victims and shooting the attacks with their iPhones in order to upload the videos to the web site "RAMPN1T3S."

Besides giving a strong and sometimes frightening performance as Belle, Deutschman, as well as the other leads in the film, actually shot the footage for "Happy Slapping" on iPhones given to them by the production.

"I remember one scene in particular was very challenging. I had to film a scene where Wiggy, played by the marvelous Alex Harrouch, was getting his ass kicked by his brother. While my character Belle was horrified, she was holding up one of the cameras. It was like this focused freak out, for lack of better words... It was definitely tricky," explains Deutschman.

"If another filmmaker were to approach me tomorrow with a cool script and asked me to shoot it on an iPhone, I absolutely would do it again!"

Erica Deutschman's ability to immerse herself in a wide range of characters and go to incredible lengths to achieve what filmmakers are looking for has been a huge factor in her success so far; and with the upcoming release of "Cross Rhodes" slated for 2016, audiences are guaranteed to see a whole new side of this extraordinary actress.