Audra Carter Makes a Difference as Founder of AC Advertising in Inspiring Community Growth

Audra Carter has a very rewarding distinctive relationship with small businesses in Northwest Florida.

Online PR News – 22-November-2015 – Pensacola, Florida – Audra Carter had a very rewarding distinctive relationship with all Northwest Florida people for many years now and thanks to her role co-managing partner and founder of AC Advertising, she is in a position to help others nurture their skills and inspire community growth.

Being a strong advocate in the power of knowledge and necessity of education, she has successfully channeled the knowledge she has gained being a graduate of the State University of New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in the School of Management focusing on Human Resource Management. She also received a Master of Public Administration degree with a Specialization in Human Resource Management degree.

From the very beginning of her career, she recognized the significance of effective communication. She also expanded her skills by taking the challenging roles of Advertising Director for local publications and she decided to open her own agency. Audra is a marketing specialist and small business owner with focus on community projects, research and issues for almost years. She headed AC Advertising, a multicultural agency that is dedicated to building synergistic consumers that would benefit community, governmental agencies, residents, small businesses and big businesses.

She has worked together with many people, created meaningful consumer and business relationships with her multiple shows. Then there is also her phenomenal television show entitled “Bridging the Gap," which spans 12 counties and 3 states.

Audra is a very proud advocate of the “small business community" and she has always been a humble person insisting on “giving back" to the community by helping in any way she can. Audra promotes educational opportunities, preventative healthcare and discusses topics so as to inspire awareness within the community. Being a woman who has worked her way in facing challenges up ahead in her career, she has successfully exceeded hers and peoples’ expectations.

Through AC Advertising Audra’s vows to make a difference to the lives of many, nurturing their skills and helping lead their community to become a better place. Her success comes from her relationships with small business, corporate, governmental and non-profit agencies.