The Flag Company, Inc. Announces Successful Flag, Flagpole, and Accessory Sales in Overseas Markets, Experiences Increasing International Growth Sales

Online sales help to grow The Flag Company, Inc.'s sales of American and world flags, flagpoles, and accessories to Caribbean and Persian Gulf countries, as well as to the Orient.

Online PR News – 23-November-2015 – Saint Cloud – ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB), December 31, 2013—As a growing global economy continues to shrink borders, The Flag Company, Inc. is pleased to announce that online sales of their American flags, world flags, flagpoles, and accessories continue to greatly increase worldwide, giving The Flag Company, Inc.'s a growing presence in the global marketplace. The Caribbean island of Aruba recently unveiled their landmark Spiral Rotonde flag display at the Aruba International Airport honoring numerous nations with flags and flagpoles by The Flag Company, Inc., all brightly lit by their Flagpole Beacons which creates a striking welcome for visitors. Featuring a unique 359-degree turning range, the energy efficient Flagpole Beacons can follow the flags in any wind direction.Other worldwide customers include the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Qatar, and Japan, with sales ranging from private individuals who wish to promote patriotic American sentiments by displaying the Stars and Stripes, to venues such as convention centers and hotels, and even to a special National Geographic sled team expedition to the South Pole in cooperation with the United States Air Force.The Flag Company, Inc. also goes the extra mile beyond the sale. In the case of a hotel located on a cliff in the Caribbean, The Flag Company, Inc. not only shipped the flagpole, but arranged for a special truck to carry the pole up the mountain where it was to be installed."We are experiencing an increase in sales to other countries, thanks to Americans who live or work overseas, businesses, and foreign governments," says Mike Lawrence, Vice President of The Flag Company, Inc. "Americans want to fly their flag wherever they are and foreign countries and businesses are finding that it's easy to order from us, and they like our choices from a huge inventory of flags, flagpoles, and accessories." With fast shipping options and easy ordering through the Flagco website along with the new mobile app, it's easy to find, order, and have the flag of your choice in no time at all.About The Flag Company, Inc.As the largest online flag and flagpole supplier, The Flag Company, Inc. offers a complete range of flags, flag-related products, flagpoles, and its signature Flagpole Beacon. Custom screen-printing and digital printing are available for special events, corporate logos, etc. Stock merchandise includes U.S., state, international, military flags, and all types of accessories such as bunting, memorial cases, pennants, and more. The Flag Company, Inc., the nation's largest producer of message flags, has over 300 varied messages for realtors, restaurants, car dealerships, and many more. View the complete line at Toothpick flags—stock and custom-made to order for all occasions, parties, corporate events—are also available at Discover Feel Good Light-Ups decorative light lenses for fluorescent light fixtures, at Flagpoles and Flagpole Beacons are at