U.S. Army and Navy Bases Purchase Flagpoles by The Flag Company, Inc. For Affordable Tech Structure Solutions

Along with fulfilling their main purpose of flying flags, The Flag Company, Inc.'s flagpoles from The Flagpole Warehouse were recently installed at several U.S. Army and Navy bases serving as lightning rods and gun range warning lights, providing simple and affordable solutions that solve technical challenges.

Online PR News – 23-November-2015 – Gilbert – ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB), March 17, 2014— Strong, stable flagpoles by The Flagpole Warehouse recently proved to be the best simple and affordable solutions for the U.S. Army and Navy to serve as lightning rods at the U.S Naval Submarine Base in Kings Bay, GA, and as structures for gun range warning systems at the U.S. Army Strategic Operations installation in Southern California and Fort Bragg, North Carolina.Many other businesses, private individuals, and government agencies are also discovering that it's not necessary to reinvent the wheel, or in this case, a pole, when longstanding solutions already exist in the form of strong stable flagpoles by The Flagpole Warehouse—available in a host of materials, lengths, diameters, and more. They are proving ideal for a variety of uses as well as flying flags.Along with being used as military base gun range warning lights and lightning rods, The Flagpole Warehouse's flagpoles are being sold nationally and internationally disguised as communication towers, security camera mounts, multiple uses for freeways and the communication industry, Las Vegas hotel signalization fixtures, airstrip obstruction light poles, and more. Any use a customer can imagine, The Flagpole Warehouse can satisfy the need.Flagpoles of 60 ft. and 50 ft. sporting The Flagpole Warehouse's perfected solar lighting solutions have also been reconfigured into very effective strobe lighting warning systems. With communication and cell towers popping up somewhere new everyday, flagpoles are proving to be economical mounting solutions. From telescoping solutions to fiberglass and other commercial grade hi-tech strong quality construction materials, The Flagpole Warehouse can provide innovative solutions for individual projects."We are finding that our simple, ordinary flagpoles are ideal for a variety of uses, and many of them hi-tech at that," says Mike Lawrence, Vice President of The Flag Company, Inc. "Many of our flagpoles are made of very strong materials and/or newer hi-tech materials that lend themselves well to many of today's specialty needs and demands."Celebrating 25 years in business this year, The Flag Company, Inc. continues to evolve with the times and improve with age. The Flag Company, Inc. welcomes your next challenge to reinvent a flagpole at The Flagpole Warehouse.About The Flag Company, Inc.In addition to being the largest online supplier of flags and flagpoles, The Flag Company, Inc. owes its start to the success of its original product, Farming Flagsâ„¢. The Flag Company, Inc. also manufactures its patented Flagpole Beacon for its Illuminator Series flagpoles and for single sale retrofits. Eighteen distinct categories of customers can choose from an expansive inventory of over 6,500 items. The Flag Company, Inc. now also partners with a machine and manufacturing company, expanding its capability to provide custom brackets, finials, hardware, etc. for special situations. Additionally, it is collaborating on creating robotic equipment for use in the flagpole industry.With special and challenging projects a strength for The Flag Company, Inc., resumé highpoints include flagpoles for Georgetown University in Qatar, the Spiral Rotonde at Aruba International Airport, and Dow Chemical Headquarters in Michigan, and harking back to the 1996 Centennial Olympics in Atlanta, GA, and prior.Celebrating 25 years of providing excellent products and customer service, The Flag Company, Inc. appreciates all its loyal customers and hard-working employees as it looks forward to many more years of leading the industry. The Flag Company, Inc. has websites targeting its many customer categories: and