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Online PR News – 22-November-2015 – usa – This is perhaps the only software that is designed to convert MP4 to MOV in a hassle-free manner. Free MP4 to MOV converter tool is uncomplicated software with several useful features. The app can be installed quickly and it has no such glitches.

“I have installed the Free MP4 to MOV converter app basically because it has some of the best features that I have seen in online tools. Moreover, the app can be installed within seconds. There are not many options but that is really good because there is no chance of any confusion. I am quite happy with the performance of this app,” comments, Richard, a user.

Free MP4 to MOV converter app has a plain interface that highlight some essential features. It has no extra options and therefore the app can be used even by beginners. The converted files are in high quality without any defects. The app is relatively small in size and therefore hardly occupies any space in the system.

It performs quickly and converts the files in batches simultaneously. The program is designed perfectly for quick and smooth conversion of MP4 files into MOV file format. As the program is compact in size, it seldom hampers other functions or programs on the system.

Free MP4 to MOV converter app can be used by beginners because of its simplicity and competence. It has no complicated features for advanced users. This simple app is free from malware and it has no additional or unwanted programs.

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Free MP4 to MOV Converter

Free MP4 to MOV converter app is an uncomplicated tool that encodes Mp4 files into MOV in high speed and impeccable quality. The app has a simple interface with essential features.

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