Shoo-fly Publications has published Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape by Miranda N. Prather with illustrations by Hayley Mullins.

Online PR News – 21-November-2015 – Middletown, MD – Shoo-fly Publications released Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape, by Miranda N. Prather with illustrations by Hayley Mullins. The book tells the life story of a blue-collar racehorse who overcame a devastating illness to survive and inspire thousands around the globe who were facing their own struggles. The book features playful writing and delightful pictures form Erlanger, KY, artist Hayley Mullins that bring the tale of Blue Blue Sea to life. Blue Blue Sea was no American Pharoah, but he became a hero just the same!
Miranda N. Prather had her first equine when she was just four, the obstinate Shetland stud, Blackie. Later she competed in show jumping in Kentucky. Thoroughbreds have always been her favorite horses and she has owned two and worked with many. In 2004, while living in Maryland, she located Blue Blue Sea in a listed on CANTER-Mid-Atlantic (formally WV) She purchased Blue Blue Sea directly from his last owners on the track and took him home to be a jumper. In 2006, Blue Blue Sea became very ill and was diagnosed as having a disorder not unlike Crohn's in people. At that time, the prognosis was 1-2 years. With help from talented veterinarians across the country, good barn help and the fighting spirit of the patient himself, Blue Blue Sea went on to live for more than seven years after the diagnosis.
In 2011, on a whim, Prather started a FaceBook page for Blue Blue Sea. She never expected to get much interest, but soon had hundreds of loyal followers. Many of the people who followed Blue Blue Sea's story and adventures were suffering from illnesses like Cancer, digestive disorders or other chronic conditions. They shared in Blue Blue Sea's triumphs, off-beat adventures, setbacks and ultimately mourned his loss with Prather. As a result of his fans efforts enough money was raised to transport his half brother, Gran Huracan, from Puerto Rico to the States, where he now enjoys his days with a highschool girl. Blue Blue Sea's FaceBook page continues after his death, educating the public on horse related topics and helping to inspire one another to survive and thrive.
While Miranda N. Prather wrote the words before Blue Blue Sea died, she hadn't located an illustrator going into 2015. When talking with her FaceBook friend, and Blue Blue Sea fan, Hayley Mullins, she realized what a talented artist the teenager was. After some discussion, Mullins agreed to illustrate the story of her fellow Kentuckian, Blue Blue Sea. To learn more and follow Blue Blue Sea's world visit: