Guide to Homeowners Insurance Settlements Published

A successful homeowners insurance settlement claim is complicated and time consuming, but well worth it.

Online PR News – 16-September-2009 – – Filing a homeowners insurance claim is never a fun process but knowing the appropriate steps to take is key in achieving a successful homeowners insurance settlement. Homeowners that sustain substantial damage to their homes as a result of fire, water, or a natural disaster listed in their policy are entitled to file a claim and receive a homeowners insurance settlement.

According to an article recently published on, achieving a successful homeowners insurance settlement takes a little work but should be worth it in the long run. “Natural disasters can cause much chaos, both physically and mentally,” states the article titled, ‘Homeowners Insurance Settlement: The Ingredients to a Full Recovery.’ “But in order for you to fully recover, you will have to start building a case for your insurance company. By communicating with your insurer, you can determine how much you are entitled to receive for your claim and maximize your homeowners insurance settlement.”

The article suggests that homeowners save all receipts related to any external living expenses that came about while their damaged house was being repaired. Most standard policies include reimbursement for these expenses and all homeowners should save the receipts as proof.

Homeowners should also take the time to document their contents with either a camera or video recorder. Then, if damage occurs, the homeowner can go around the house a second time and document any damages or losses to their contents so their insurance company can see physical evidence of damage and/or loss.

And don’t forget to know the contents’ values. “Known as replacement cost, this will give you an idea of price negotiations in your homeowners insurance settlement,” the article states.

Lastly, all homeowners should be familiar with the ins and outs of their homeowners insurance policies. Filing a claim or hoping for a homeowners insurance settlement for an item that is uncovered or for anything that falls into a coverage gap is simply a waste of time.

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Staff contribution: Kyle Fitzsimmons

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