Sun Laboratories Makes Getting The Summer Tan You Want Easy and Healthy

Visit Sun Laboratories today to get that healthy, sunkissed glow you want without the sun.

Online PR News – 21-November-2015 – Chatsworth, CA – There's no question about it - the results are in. Sunless tanning beats lying out in the sun or tanning beds hands down from a health perspective. This may seem like a bold statement, but it happens to be true. Those who spend a lot of time in the sun absorb so many UV rays, and these are harmful to our skin, especially over time. As people get older, they are more and more susceptible to developing skin cancer that can be malignant and is very hard to completely get rid of through normal treatment. Severe skin cancer spots on your skin have to be treated one by one, or at best with a "chemo-cream" type of application that will make you look like you have the measles (and that is the best thing that could be said).

You don't need those hassles, and with Sun Laboratories you don't have to go around without a great looking tan. Sun Laboratories has been in the business of sunless tanning for over 30 years. The founder, Gisela Hunter, saw the writing on the wall long before everyone else got on board with the concept. She believed that we could have something that would help us look great and keep us healthier at the same time. And that is exactly what Sun Laboratories produces today. The very best self-tanning and sunless tanning products that you can possibly get are coming from Sun Laboratories.

Gone are the days of that orange tint when you use a self-tanner solution. Today's self-tanners - lotion, cream, mist or spray - are formulated to work with your own skin's melatonin to produce great color that is natural and gives you a healthy glow. Many of the top products will produce a rich deep color in just 30 minutes, and be set after a couple of hours. Put it on one to two hours before bedtime and by the time you get up in the morning, you will look like you spent a week at the beach!

Sun Laboratories tanning products are specially formulated for your needs - face and body have their own formulas, and then the colors you want to achieve - fair, medium, dark, and the in-betweens. You can go with an easy to use lotion or the newer mists - very convenient. Or if you want to really do things up right (and maybe create a new business) you can invest in the spray tanning equipment and products from Sun Laboratories that will make you look like you are ready to walk the red carpet.

Sun Laboratories is proud to have thousands of satisfied clients worldwide who count on them to keep them looking great. When you visit their site, you can also find products for teeth whitening, hair care, and more. You can make them a favorite and rely on Sun Laboratories to have your beauty and your health at top of mind with every product they produce or provide for you to try. No need to harm yourself out in the harsh UV rays - just keep Sun Laboratories tanning products with you and you're set.

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