Building projects on an engineering and computer platform makes the products and projects award winning.

Online PR News – 20-November-2015 – Olathe,Kansas – Building projects on an engineering and computer platform makes the products and projects award winning. PropertyTrak Facility management software is responsible to manage all the services that support the business of an organization in an easier way and through online. They ensure for the convenient working environment for employees and also offer other services, they include.
Asset management

At propertytrak assets are managed by using the equipment tracking software. We ensure the facility manager an easier work with the following activities:
•They can locate a piece of equipment in their company easily.
•They can run the equipment inventory for each property in an easier way
•The cost, maintenance history and age of the equipment can be easily assessed by using the software

Preventive maintenance
We provide preventive maintenance software which facilitates the facility manager to create and schedule tasks to the staff and vendors for over weeks months and years. He also can check for the equipment smooth running as per specifications provided by manufacturers.

Project management
Project management is the process of applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques which are used by the project manager to meet the project requirements. Project management has following five groups
•Monitoring and controlling
•Monitoring and controlling

These all are managed by a project manager. We have project management software which turns the facility manager into a project manager. Using this software the starting date and ending date can be given and also the overall cost and labor hours can also be setup easily.

Property management
Property management deals with the real estate and is used to manage all the properties for their best life. It also provides the systems and manpower needed for maintenance, repair and utilization of the property. We provide a collaborative online program to manage all the tenants lease documents and also protect the properties of the customers in a qualitative way.

Work Order management
Work orders are the livelihood for many in the field service organization. It’s an important task to maintain the work order information accurate and maintain the time of delivery of the final invoice by distributing the work to the back office team in a timely manner. We provide work order management software in which the request from the customer is changed to work order in less than 60 seconds. The staff is assigned work via an email or sms and the staff can complete the work and intimate the facility manager. This process gives a fast and quality to service to the customer. For more details please visit

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