Camden NJ Mayoral Candidate, Mujiba Salaam Parker Outlines Plans for City Improvement

Mayoral candidate Mujiba Salaam Parker recently described her vision for Camden, NJ, including economic recovery plans and community reinvestment.

Online PR News – 16-September-2009 – – CAMDEN, NJ - Mujiba Salaam Parker has a vision for Camden, NJ. Building on a strong foundation outlined when she first announced her candidacy in January of 2009, Parker expanded on her ideas and reflected on how her life experiences led her to develop these initiatives.

"Camden is often overlooked as just an impoverished city. But we can be so much more. With the right positive actions, Camden can be transformed," says Parker. She goes on to suggest a number of different initiatives. First on her list is empowering the citizens of Camden. As a businesswoman and motivational eBook author and speaker with a long history of helping the city, Parker may be uniquely qualified to create that empowerment here.

Parker purchased her first home in Camden in 1999, and has been a resident ever since. While living in Camden, her relationship with God led her to begin inspiring others. She began to use her gift to empower residents of Camden and other surrounding cities. Discovering that she loved showing others how to find motivation, she chose to make it a full-time career in 2008, four years after its founding.

It was during this time of transition that Parker became keenly aware that change was needed in order for Camden to thrive. In January of 2009, Parker announced that she was running for mayor of Camden. Her passion and commitment immediately distinguished her, as did her choice to run as an independent candidate rather than allying with one of the larger political parties in the area. As an independent, Parker shows that she will help all people, not simply democrats or republicans -- but all of Camden.

But Parker's professional background also makes her uniquely qualified for the office of Chief Operating Officer of Camden, a position that requires working with City departments, but also coordination of nonprofit and for-profit organizations and municipal resources. Parker has experience working with businesses and is a successful businesswoman herself, but she also has close ties to nonprofit work, having even worked for one in Camden. She understands both types of enterprise, making her the ideal choice to coordinate with both of them.

Her leadership abilities and experience with businesses and nonprofits makes her uniquely qualified not just for the office of Mayor or the office of Chief Operating Officer, but for both. She is uniquely able to bring vision and leadership to Camden's top office, while bringing practical experience to the office of Chief Operating Officer. Parker knows how to work with municipal staff, yet she is also practical and a seasoned businesswoman. Even as she campaigns, her business continues to thrive. The Law of Success eBook is available now, and she continues to help people find success in life as a motivational entrepreneur.

Parker has also worked extensively with State money, distributing millions of dollars to businesses and nonprofits alike. She called upon her business experience, but also her understanding of the great work that nonprofits do for Camden to aid in her decisions. Her experience with State funds makes her a prime choice for both offices.

Says Parker, "My goal as Mayor of Camden and Chief Operating Officer is to let every citizen know you can manifest your destiny. Together, we can bring prosperity to Camden through empowerment, advancement, and good governance."

Parker will be interviewed by Bill Anderson of 900AM WURD in Philadelphia, Friday, 9/18 at 8:05am. Here she will discuss her plans for the city of Camden and her plans for improvement.

About Mujiba Salaam Parker:
A longtime Camden resident, Mujiba Salaam Parker has the vision and experience to bring prosperity and progress to the city as Mayor and Chief Operating Officer. Calling upon her years as a businesswoman and her time distributing State funds to businesses and nonprofits, Parker has created a campaign platform that emphasizes employment and reduction of State support to make Camden a better place for all.

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