Award-Winning Business Leaders ‘Get Scrappy’ with Book Release

Kim Shepherd and Dave Berkus provide new perspective on personal and corporate growth

Online PR News – 20-November-2015 – IRVINE, Calif. – The great entrepreneurial minds of Kim Shepherd, CEO of award-winning recruiting firm Decision Toolbox, and Dave Berkus, a renowned early stage venture capitalist, collide to redefine traditional management, marketing and growth tactics in their newest book, Get Scrappy: Business Insights to Make Your Company More Agile.

Tapping into years of combined experience creating and managing successful businesses, the authors, both also nationally sought after speakers, explore the serious topics in an unconventional style, such as:
• The Best Advice Startups Will Never Follow
• Good, Cheap, Fast. Pick Any Two
• Sometimes Your Gut is the Best You’ve Got
• Your Culture is Your Brand
• Big Data: Information is NOT Knowledge
• Overcoming Virtual-o-phobia
• Focus on Process, Not Outcomes
• Work-Life Balance is Now a Cliché
• The Lion and the Ant: A Managerial Lesson
• Hire on Ability. Fire on Fit.
• How to Think like a Growth CEO

“In today’s business world, you have to be agile and scrappy to survive. Companies often get so overwhelmed trying to gain the attention and loyalty of customers, that they forget the value of simplicity,” said Shepherd. “All of my advice in Get Scrappy is derived from my own experiences as an executive of a leading virtual recruitment firm.”

As CEO of Decision Toolbox since 2000, Shepherd’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with her ability to sustain company growth has led the recruitment firm to become a groundbreaking industry-leader. Her revolutionary ideas on leadership and company culture have been featured in Fast Company, Huffington Post, Forbes and SUCCESS. She is also the author of Bite Me School of Management and a sought-after speaker at industry conferences throughout North America.

“Entrepreneurs and upper level management have to be flexible and willing to adapt. It takes an entire team to be successful,” said Berkus, author of 14 books and creator of syndicated TV segment, The Berkus Report. “Often times, being a manager or CEO is really about being a coach and making others feel comfortable around you. That’s when the best ideas are created.”

Get Scrappy is available at booksellers everywhere including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and at a 20 percent discount directly from