Official Scrabble Dictionary Celebrating 32 Years in 2010

Official Scrabble Dictionary, originally published in 1978 and now in it's 4th Edition, celebrates its 32nd year of publication in 2010. Get ready to watch the World Scrabble Championships with your copy handy.

Online PR News – 27-September-2010 – – September 24, 2010, The Official Scrabble Dictionary was originally published in 1978 as a joint effort of the National Scrabble Association Dictionary Committee and Merriam-Webster. The current edition (the 4th) was published in 2005 by Merriam-Webster. Hasbro holds the copyright for the Scrabble name in North America, while Mattel holds it elsewhere. For a copy of the latest edition, head to for the best deals.

Scrabble easily became one of the world’s favorite word games with more than 50 English language international players associations, all of whom rely upon the Official Scrabble Dictionary. The 2009 World Scrabble Championships were held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and were won by Nigel Richards of New Zealand. Mr. Richards is also the reigning National Scrabble Champion after winning that competition in Dallas this past year.

The 4th and latest edition of the Official Scrabble Dictionary, available at, was published in 2005 and contains corrections stemming from the original edition having been compiled by hand. After a contentious debate in the 1980's, any word originally marked as offensive in the first edition was removed from the Scrabble Dictionary. However, they were kept on the Official Tournament and Club Word List to appease angry members of the National Scrabble Association. 2011 is shaping up to be a big year for North American fans of word play with both a National Championship as well as the World title up for grabs.